Ze goodies have arrived…

…And my ziet eez offizially ruined!


The German Care Package, as Toni called it, consisted of sweet German chocolates and goodies, sausages (love ’em), various types of teas, coffee (for the only coffee addict in the house – moi), spreads, and even creams for me and for my babies. Good thing Toni emailed me a goody list in English, which came handy in figuring out what the items were (most text were in German).

Toni of Gluehwurm and I have been planning this since December. And finally the goody exchange happened, thanks to our beautiful flying couriers, Ravioli and DaVinci.

Toni blogged about this already, but I’ll say again how this started. We were schoolmates in high school, really good friends back then. The friendship began when I was a freshman; she was one year ahead. In our school, the older ones always took care of the new ones. She was one of those who looked out for me. I remember how we were – writing each other letters daily even if our classrooms were adjacent and our school so small we were sure to bump into each other during recess (i kept our collection of letters ’til college, then I moved to Manila, the old house was demolished, who knows where those letter are now)… hanging out during lunch break and after school at her house (which was only a few blocks from school)… strolling up and down Session Road… sharing secrets and crushes… spying on the “mean girls” from the other school (remember, sa rooftop nyo?)… those were the days!

Anyway, we were out of touch for many many years. Until Blogosphere reunited us. So here we are again, exchanging “letters” through our blogs, and, finally, goodies too! I sent her typical Filipino stuff (I call it Pinoy Pack) that hopefully will alleviate some of the homesickness. 🙂

Thanks again, Toni and V, for all the care and thoughtfulness that came with the package. My family appreciates it very much. (Have I mentioned how hubby begged for a foot rub upon discovering one of the items was a massage gel? Oh well, I reluctantly obliged.)


13 thoughts on “Ze goodies have arrived…

  1. Wow that german care package really look good in color! Love the collage with the background email/letter too 🙂 Happy to know that your family are enjoying it. That was really fun collectiing stuff for you, The V. and I were grocery hopping going aisle to aisle thinking.. hmmm which one would she like.
    Thanks Blogosphere for reuniting old friends! Yup those were the days of innocence 🙂 I’ve also lost all those letters, sayang, it would be hilarious to get hold of them. Imagine reading them again after what 17/18/19 years? Yikes!

  2. Hey guys…. the courier will be in FRA 24May. To make things clearer…. I am departing HKG 23rd arriving FRA the ff day. Sorry Toni, can’t get a weekend flight plus we will be using our new 744A on the return sector so I can’t swap it for an weekend flight.
    That being said… get blogging about your wishlists! I have the Kacheer for both sides….
    Still on reserve but doing Beijing tomorrow next day early morning!
    Luv n Hugz from HK

  3. Hi ateng Rav! We missed you on Dav’s birthday… Will we see you and the rest of the family end of April?
    Hey Toni! See, confirmed na ang flight, hehe.

    Don’t worry, our beautiful Rav and Dav couriers. The packages will be lighter- just those I was unable to find the first time. 😛

  4. Toni,
    Come to think of it, I think we were “blogging” out our minds when we wrote those letters! haha… I remember you’d often recount to me the weekend that was, since yours were always eventful as you lived downtown. there would be updates on who you saw with who, etc… hahaha 😀

  5. That’s so awesome that you got to be reunited with a friend via the blogosphere. That could be a commercial for blogger.com — reuniting long-lost friends. 😉 I haven’t met any long-lost friends through the blogosphere, but have definitely met lots of cool people. 🙂

  6. Oh my, doesn’t it always feel like Christmas when you receive a package from somewhere far? German sausages — they are supposed to be the best. Patikim naman. hahaha

    It’s so thrilling to meet an old friend in the blogsphere or wherever online. And it’s doubly nice when you begin exchanging packages, and especially if you dont have to pay postage because you got friendly couriers. hehe

  7. Hi Flying Rav naku it will be the same days pala sige will check if I’ll see you on the 24th or 25th. This time I will take the bus 🙂 Sayang nga at di weekend, di bale next time ulit, hope to really show you more of FRA.
    Imom, yikes I have forgotten those ah. Well as long as our beautiful couriers don’t mind eh you can make a wish list again 🙂 the couriers can also throw in a wish or two if they like.

  8. Hi Wil! yes, it’s a wonderful way of being reunited. I’ve found really nice friends too thru the net.

    Hi annamanila! You bet how thrilled I was to see all the sausages (gasp!) and the sweets. Im a lover of both kasi! Sige, (((((sausages and chocs galore))))) to you.. Na taste mo? 😀 And how lucky toni and I are for our couriers indeed!

  9. Toni, just the debrecziner (sp?) this time please.. Rav told me a great way to eat them (with baguette and mustard and mayo… i’m salivating) and nabitin ako hehe.
    Where is the location of the stall that sells the calamansi powder?

  10. PS to Toni- heck, I might as well send you real calamansi! I’ll see if that is logistically possible (if the time between Rav and Dav exchanging our goodies will not take too long).

  11. Naku better calamansi so I use it longer, kung something fresh eh mangoes would be more appreciated 🙂 the stalls are near the fountain, near thje open air food stalls that sell barbeque, buko etc. . On the way to the open air food court are lots of stalls selling native delicacies from all over the Philippines. Can you get yemas from there too? They are really big triangle yemas. I’ll send you the photo of the calamansi powder.

  12. So nice to see old friends reunited 🙂 I have recently reunited with an old friend through the internet too. I love the internet! What a great idea to exchange goodies. It really is like christmas when you receive goodies in the mail.

  13. Hi JMom!
    We exchanged our goodies not thru the mail – it’s via “door-to-door”, hehe, FOC (free of charge.. well, a li’l bit of courier bribe, hehe), thanks to my “flying” sisters! 😀

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