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So my sister, niece and I went on a Sagada adventure in early January. Sagada isn’t just all about nature and the outdoors, exploring caves and falls. The food is reason enough to visit. We ate twice at Yoghurt House – that’s how much we loved the restaurant!

Yoghurt House Sagada

Yoghurt House is one of the places that my brother-in-law highly recommended. I’ve also read up a lot about it online, so it is where we ended up having dinner on Day 2 and breakfast on Day 3 (after watching the sunrise at Kiltepan Viewpoint).

Day 2 Dinner

It was an exhausting day for us, because we did the:

  • Sumaguing Cave
  • Lumiang Cave Burial Site
  • Echo Valley/Hanging Coffin Tour
  • Lake Danum, and
  • Sunset watching at Besao

Ergo, big dinner coming up!

The food server recommended the Chicken Curry (Php230 or so), so it’s what I had. The serving had three pieces of chicken, which is a good size for a hungry person. The hot, mildly spicy soup (yes, it was a soupy kind of chicken curry)¬†is so comforting especially on a cold night. The only thing I didn’t like were the clots of coconut powder in the soup (visible in the pic below). But the flavors of lemongrass, lime leaves, chili and ginger made up for that, so it’s forgivable.

Yoghurt House chicken curryMy sister had an equally huge serving of sauteed chicken strips and veggies in a sweet, tangy sauce. There’s purple mountain rice buried under that heap.

Yoghurt House chicken and veggies

Our companion, Kuya Ed (who drove for us during the whole trip) had the Apple Ham Sandwich (Php130 or Php170, I forget). With fresh veggies, apple slices, a heap of grated cheese, and a meaty looking slice of ham, the sandwich looked scrumptious. Kuya Ed confirmed with his nodding head of approval.

Yoghurt House apple ham sandwich

Save for the kinda slow service (which is, again, forgivable because it was a full night, and everything’s cooked to order), we were all happy with dinner. So it was decided that breakfast would be at Yoghurt House again. ūüėÄ

Day 3 Breakfast

Naturally, waking up early to watch the sunrise at Kiltepan gave us an excellent excuse to treat ourselves to a good breakfast.

Yoghurt House banana and granola yoghurt

The Banana & Granola Yoghurt (Php90) is really tangy, and gave us a wake-up kick! If you want yoghurt with a kick, Yoghurt House is it. But if you want milder, creamier yoghurt, go to Misty Lodge and Cafe (I blogged about Misty Lodge here).

Yoghurt House breakfast: sausage meal

My sis and I both had the Homemade Sausage Meal with mountain rice, 2 sunny side-up eggs and Sagada coffee (Php190). The sausage tasted gamey, not like the usual commercial sausage most of us are used to.


Our niece had the Hiker’s Delight (Php190) – classic banana pancake with yoghurt filling and¬†strawberry syrup, scrambled eggs and bread.


Enjoy breakfast and sun-bathing at the terrace –


Yoghurt House’s breakfast menu –

Yoghurt House breakfast menu

We recognized our food server from the night before.¬†I’m pretty sure he was tired but he served us happily, and quickly too.¬†I’ve read complaints online about the slow service and discrimination that Pinoy diners get as the¬†restaurant staff¬†apparently¬†show preference for foreign diners. I didn’t see (or feel) any of that racial discrimination shizz… Well, yes, dinner service was kinda slow. However, breakfast was not. It probably helped that we were early and the restaurant was empty yet.

batch_IMAG2530 batch_IMAG2527 batch_IMAG2526

We loved Yoghurt House, and will definitely go back when we get a chance to do Sagada again.

4 thoughts on “Yoghurt House | Sagada Adventures

  1. Hi. We plan to go to Sagada and stay with Misty lodge. You mentioned they offer tour and guide. How much do they charge for tour including the guide and car? Is it a joining tour? Thanks.

  2. Hi Jock. The tour guide fees are standard all over Sagada. This might help -http://www.saggas.org/2007/07/sagada-guide-and-vehicle-rates.html?m=1
    I am not sure about car rental rates because we brought our own car.

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