The Yayaless Life – helpless but not hopeless


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My last blog entry was four months ago! I had planned on blogging more during my kids’ school break (May to July). But our helper, ate J, went home in early June for her mother’s funeral.

Guess what? She hasn’t come back. And isn’t coming back, I think. (Not that I want her back… anymore, hmp.) Welcome me to the yayaless club.

So that is my excuse for not blogging. While this blog has been silent, a lot has been going on. For the most part, I was occupied with transforming myself into… Tada!  Homemaker Extraordinaire – full time cook, laundry woman, cleaning maid, and of course, chauffeur! 😉

Just typing that  – nangarag na ako!

The past two months have been extra challenging, especially when school started and I had to be up every morning at 4 AM. Huhu. Those who know me well know that I am a night person. No matter how tired and sleepless I am, I normally fall asleep at 12 midnight onwards.

Through it all, though, I realize that what a wise friend (shoutout to Anna Manila!) said is true –  I am helpless (help-less), but not hopeless. Truedat, amen!

I may not have a helper with me, but it is not an impossible situation (Duh). How have we been winging it?

  1. I started with the resources I had right here, in my own home –  the 3 KIDS. Each child has specific tasks, non-negotiables. Patch helps with the laundry – loading, unloading, folding, sorting. V helps in the kitchen – food prep, rice cooking, clean-up, simple frying, and of course her specialty – egg boiling! ( Seriously, we order eggs ala carte at home  –  from 5-minute to hard boiled eggs, we have different preferences.) Nate sets and wipes the table, and is in charge of filling the water pitchers. The girls take turns washing dishes. And all three put away laundry into their own spaces.
  2. Ah, the important issue of DOG. When I realized ate J wasn’t coming back, I said (with regard to Parker, our big Golden Retriever): there is no way that I am going to be the all-around maid in this house, and still be expected to bathe Parker and clean up his humongous poop! He has gotta go to the adoption house (wherever that may be) if you kids will not take care of him. So yes, I have never had to sweep his poop or give him a bath. Hub and the kids do that. 😉
  3. Bacon, dumplings, siomai, and kiampung are my best friends. And replay of last night’s dinner during lunch has become acceptable. 😀 (Side-note: I will share my kiampung recipe soon!)
  4. I enlisted the services of a part-time cleaning lady. She comes twice a week to clean and iron clothes –  the two things I abhor most with housekeeping. I am so lucky to have found her. Ang sipag n’ya! In the few hours that I sit down in the morning to check Viber, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, she is able to sweep the yard (maliit lang kasi), clean all three bathrooms (maliliit lang din hehe), wipe down furniture and counters and everything else, mop the floor, bring out the trash, clean the kitchen (a.k.a. my brekkie and school lunch prep mess), and fold the laundry. 😀
  5. I have my dearest Mama with me! I was actually surprised when she said she was coming over to stay with me while I had no helper, even if I did not ask her to.  She does what she can to help, but I tell her not to tire herself out. At 74, she is healthy and young looking, that it’s easy even for her to forget that she is old. Her mere presence with us – having someone to watch Nate on weekends while I am out on errands (or quick coffee dates with neighbor friends, hihi) – means so much. #FamilyisLove

So yeah, the yayaless life isn’t so bad. My kids have learned to be self-sufficient. I have learned the value of time – I value each hour that I spend sleeping,  each minute that I spend doing nothing. 😀

I think I can live with this. 😉

How about you? Do you think you will survive without a helper? If you are yayaless at the moment, please share your survival tips! #YayalessMomsRock

4 thoughts on “The Yayaless Life – helpless but not hopeless

  1. I survived without a helper for 4 months. Pero there are “times” talaga na di kaya. I need a “kasama” literal. Sa chores kasi kaya naman esp. malalaki na din mga bagets and I can assign tasks to them. But yung times na kelangan kong mamalengke, utang na loob ayokong magsama ng bata doon haha!

    Great job by the way! Darna!!! ???

  2. @ Mitch – Wow, 4 months, kudos, bow, bow! Me too, kaya hindi na rin ako makapag palengke ngayon. Hanggang supermarket na muna even meat and veggies. (Ang mahal huh.) Thank you, fellow Darna! 🙂

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