Work! Lots of Work!

(What a manic title. LOL)

Yup! That’s right.

The past two days have been hectic. After the mad dash to meet the deadline for hub’s-potential-big-break project bid, we’re in a mad dash anew!

There is a new project we are bidding for last minute (which could work as Plan B in case we don’t win the potential-big-break project). He did a product presentation on Monday, and, wha’dya know, he impressed the project owners! So they wanted him to join the bidding that closes tomorrow, Thursday, afternoon. Plus they also wanted data on acoustics, fire-rating, the works. We’re good with everything… Except the acoustics part.

Guess who was researching for two days on acoustics, sound insulation, sound transmission class, noise reduction coefficient, and a whole lot of geeky-sounding terminologies? U-huh. NOT the newly un-technophobe hub. ( Who said again brains go idle-mode WHAMing?)

I failed to mention that we are in the business of selling doors (there goes the plug, if you noticed. hehe). That may sound blah. But with demanding clients with various technical specifications, there’s no time for boredom. Sometimes, sparks fly between me and hub, and we get into each other’s nerves. But after the madness is over, all is forgotten.

Of course, school starts for VGood on Friday, and for Patchy Tuesday. That’s for the SAHM part of iMom’s multiple personality.

Over the next few days, I will have to park blogging (though I somehow managed to write this entry 😛 ) and online scrabble (if I can resist the temptation!). I have a lunch date tomorrow that I do not want to miss for the world! So I’m going to work my big butt off today!

19 thoughts on “Work! Lots of Work!

  1. that’s good to hear. i hope you get the big break project in your hands. Hubby must have been so lucky to have a wifey, sexetary cum devoted mommy. 🙂

    alright then, buckle down to work. 🙂

  2. hey, I love doors! that’s because I love remodeling. And since my condo is due for redesign, maybe we can do a bit of business. I need just 3-4 doors. where can I see some samples please?

  3. Good luck with all your new projects! Hope you’ll win the bid.

    I wasn’t able to go online yesterday. Funny, I’m also adjusting to Yohan’s schedule. I need to sleep early too ‘coz I go with him in the service. How I wish I could conquer my fears and learn to drive so I could bring him to school. But that would be wishful thinking.

    Hope the kids will have a great time in school. Take care!

  4. Hi friends!
    i am back (though in need of some zz’s)! Thank you very much for the well-wishes for our potential big-breaks haha. The preps were stressful as usual. I was on my hands and knees at 2am this morning deciphering blueprints and shop drawings, as the better-interpreter of blueprints was already sound asleep…

    Lisa, I will email you. Thanks for the interest!

  5. Hi Chateau!!

    Saw your song list. Something funny lang..I thought Ants Marching was the one from Barney kaya when I read the lyrics..never mind na lang..super engot talaga ako:)

    True colors is Gaby’s fave song.

    Glad to have you back. I’ll make sure to keep you in mind when we do some remodelling 🙂

  6. Breathe in, breathe out… okay?

    Aba doors, now I just need to find the money & some builders for the rest of my dream house

    Auee, okay na, medyo nakahinga na konti. thanks! 🙂

  7. Hi! Wow, new template again. Very nice! Enjoy the long weekend! Hope the project is going smoothly. Good luck!

    Hi rach! I’m sure you are enjoying your weekend as well… I have found a new hobby – searching for and tweaking with new templates haha

  8. Awww I know who you met for lunch that you didn’t want to miss. Was it worth the not wanting to miss? I know she was smitten if that could apply … hehe

    Got to tell older son about doors.

    Yes it was worth it, I’m sure she could tell by my not wanting to leave kahit pinapauwi na LOL. Yes, please tell older son about the doors. Ty 🙂

  9. Good Luck on the bidding. Nice new look for your online home 🙂 .

    Thanks KK! I like this look too. Besides, it’s rainy season once again so what could be more appropriate!

  10. hi chats,
    how was the result of the bidding? were you able to get any of the projects? do update me..

    Ay naku, such processes take soooo long. The potential-big-break project bid has been going on since October last year! So imagine the suspense we felt every time we qualified for each “elimination” round.. This was the supposed last super final final final submission. So we’re sitting with fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!

  11. oh by the way, i like your new lay out.. i really didn’t like the second one so i didn’t say anything 🙂 (learned that if you don’t have anything good to say then shut your mouth *wink*)

    LOL! I like this one better too. The other one was too girly for me haha.. I have not gotten ze German goods yet… My recipes with sausages are expanding everyday… Need to get my hands on em sausages soon.

  12. Aha! I heard about your lunch date too.
    And goodluck to your mommy duties as well as your work at home. All the best to the business.

  13. Hi IMom, though I was a bit late to reply. Just wondering if you happen to find an acoustic laboratory that specializes in STC, noise reduction measurement.

  14. Hi Anne. The closest thing we found was the acoustic lab at UP Diliman. I’m sorry I forgot the name of the institute since this was a long time ago.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog!

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