WordPress Love. All-New PMN Live!

Finally, my old blog at Blogger has been imported over here. Thanks to my web host for upgrading the CMS to the latest version of WordPress. I recently learned, by the way, what CMS stands for – content management system. Thanks to Noemi for this new learning. 😛

The earlier versions of WordPress (2.1.2 and earlier) did not have the import feature for New Blogger blogs. Now that I’ve upgraded to the 2.2.1 version, I was able to import my whole Blogger blog to iMoM. My older posts now appear here. Hooray! My online journal is now reunited and complete.


It’s LIVE!

I’m talking about the Pinoy Moms Network E-zine. Editors Connie and Noemi, along with the section editors, were working so hard the past days (or weeks?) putting the new look together. Finally, at 12 midnight today, the e-zine went live.

So what’s new with the site? For starters, it has been reformatted into an e-zine (as in electronic magazine). Instead of members’ blog entries appearing on the main page, all-original articles on interesting topics will be published daily. Much like a magazine, there are sections on Parenting, Home and Garden, Food and Cooking, Lifestyle, and Travel. Of course, unique to the PMN e-zine is the section on Bringing Up Mom (headed by my good friend, Annamanila). Other sections are in the pipeline as more mom-bloggers become available to write about the topics. Are you a Filipina mom-blogger with something to say? Try contributing your articles. Join PMN!

And, oooh, I contributed to the maiden issue. 😛 My article on my journey to fitness is here. If you’re a mom (or even if you’re not), go check the all-new PMN. There’s a lot of interesting reads there.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Love. All-New PMN Live!

  1. You have a piece in the maiden issue? Why didn’t I see it? Will look again.

    I know, i just know, you will also write for ‘bringing up moms.’ 🙂

  2. The PMN relaunch has been exciting. I’ve read your article already 🙂

    Re. the blogger transfer, that is so cool to know. I’m contemplating moving to my own domain from Blogger, but I was worried I wouldn’t be able to take my old posts. You’re so lucky to have your blog ninang. lol!

  3. Great that you’re successful with your move and other techie stuff.

    Loved your post at PMN. Here’s looking at you 16 pounds more lighter. All the best.

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