Wonka Carameldelicious bar at Candy Corner

Candy Corner Philippines introduces Wonka Carameldelicious bar.

As a child, one of my favorite movies was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I’m blurry with the details of the original version (on which Johnny Depp’s Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was based). But I was certainly thrilled with Charlie’s fortunate chancing upon a silver coin, his buying the lucky chocolate bar with the golden ticket, and eventual Chocolate Factory tour!

As a child, I wondered if such a magical chocolate factory – with pools of chocolate, houses, trees and plants made of chocolate – really existed, and found myself wishing. It was such a memorable movie that when the newer Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie came out, I made sure the kids watched it.

Well, of course now we know there isn’t a real factory like Willy Wonka’s. But we do know that chocolates are natural antidepressants for the PEA (phenylethylalamine) they contain. In fact, many of my women friends turn to chocolates when they feel down. I do!

Anyway, Wonka (the chocolate company) has a new delightful sweet treat for chocolate lovers: the  Wonka Carameldelicious bar!

wonka carameldelicious bar

Wonka Carameldelicious is made with creamy milk chocolate, rich caramel and crunchy rice crispies.

I love: the creaminess of the chocolate; the smoothness of the caramel; that each pack has two bars.

I’m not so crazy with: the uber-sweetness. Maybe that’s the reason why each pack has two bars inside. It’s for the not-so-sweet-tooth person: eat one bar (half of a pack) now, reserve the other for later!

Wonka Carameldelicious is now available at Candy Corner shops all over the Philippines. Just in time for Halloween treats, yes?

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  1. Oh wow! I also love the original Willy Wonka movie. As a matter of fact, I searched and was able to find a DVD of that movie and it’s one of my most important dvd now 🙂 I’ll look into Candy Corner for this one. Thanks

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