Women of Today Can!

Gone are the days when women were the damsel-in-distress types. Women of today are independent, strong, assertive.

Now I don’t know if that’s always good.

Case in point: my husband has virtually handed over the home to me… Except childcare, of course . He does his part in tutoring the kids in my difficult areas – Chinese and Math. hehe

But apart from that, yes, he’s hands-off.

Roof leaks, Grohe faucet leaks, clogged toilets – ┬áthose are in my hands. But I know I am not the only homemaker, or woman for that matter, who is the designated handywoman. Ours is a growing tribe, you know.

Because the plunger’s in our hands (blech!), we ought to know basic DIY home repairs. Here are some helpful tips on WMN.ph!

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