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Hello, I’m a driver mom. In Filipino, Tsupernanay!

I drive my kids everyday.


driver mom and kidsAnd everyday, I get something from them. Something funny, something precious, something that gets me pondering… I think that kids have far more wisdom than most adults do.

It’s often from their innocent remarks in unguarded moments that I learn more about them. That’s why I make it a point to talk to them while we’re driving home or to school. (Well, sometimes, when they still have much energy left after school and are bickering at the back, I’d rather have silence. Sometimes I get it. Most of the time, I don’t.)

This is an attempt to document these moments, those somethings. Here are my driver mom stories.


Yesterday, January 13th, on the way home from school.

Me: V, di ba may homework kayo sa Guidance*?

V: Uhmm, opo, yung what famous person do I want to imitate when I grow up.

Me: Did you do it?

V: No. Eh, pwede pa  daw sa Friday.

Me: Okay, let’s do it later. So who do you want to imitate?

V: A famous singer… Michael Jackson!

Me: (*scratches head*) Uhmmm. Nice…. (with a tinge of uncertainty)… Who else? Don’t you have anyone else in mind?

V: Uhhh… Sino pa ba ang famous singers na girl? Basta I want to be a famous singer…

Me: Madonna? (Material girl? Ay, wrong hirit!)

V: Sige na nga, si Cory Aquino na lang.

Me: Ok. (With much satisfaction in voice)

Patch: (sleepily. Apparently awake and listening) I wanna be like the guy who invented Facebook…

Me: Ooooooh, nice!

Somethings learned:

1. Kids know; they can hear dissatisfaction when it’s there.

2. Don’t try to tell your  kids what you want them to be when it comes to careers. They’ll end up doing what they want to anyway, sooner or later in life.

3. Don’t be scared when your child tells you he/she wants to be a singer. That will still most probably change. (Years ago, V said she wanted to be a shoe designer. Years later, she wanted to be a house designer. Yesterday, she wanted to be like MJ.)


*Once a month, the school’s Guidance Department has a session with each class to discuss certain values, current events that impact the students’ lives, etc. This is apart from the regular subject, Edukasyong Pagpapahalaga (Values Ed).

7 thoughts on “While I was driving… | Driver Mom Stories

  1. me share pako, hubby’s mom was insisting that he should take up PT in college so he can work abroad just like his sisters. Hubs didn’t listen, he pursue political science but when he has no more fund to sustain his course, he went to PMA. After there, he went to law school, to finish what he’s been aiming for. I know his mom is disappointed but nevertheless, hubby is happy naman…kaya di talaga dapat i-pressure ang bata what to take in college or what career to handle.

  2. hahaha 🙂 aliw, i always like these stories of yours, like the v quips.. the kids are so witty 🙂 it’s amusing where they get all these ideas.. but i really wonder why michael jackson? hmmm maybe she has been hearing his songs lately..

  3. @toni – oo nga, nagulat din ako. But she’s the techie one, always figuring out stuff online. She read this story about Facebook being actually just a school project by a teenager.

    @Wenchie – it’s good for kids to dream big.. Libre naman hehe. I really really think parents should not force their kids when it comes to choosing which college course to take.

    @Mitch – ang cute naman ni Deye. pwedeng pwede kasi charming na bata yan 🙂

    @Manang Toni – I hope these stories are back for good. For a while medyo tinamad ako to documenet because i’d often tweet/plurk/post a status on FB about them. Oh yes, the MJ cd has been looping for weeks in my car stereo LOL. V really likes his songs.

  4. hi chats,
    nice to read again your blog. i used to enjoy and looked forward to your every entry. but then i removed my friendster acct. 🙁 was nice seeing you again in fb. saw you at cherry anne’s. couldn’t add you though. nakikijoin lang ako sa acct ng husband ko. parehas din. hehe. your son has grown so fast. you have smart pretty girls. hope to reconnect with you again soon in fb. God bless and have a wonderful 2010. -harlen

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