Hong Kong Roasted Goose in Sham Tseng

After the China business trip with Hub, I stayed behind in Hong Kong to visit with family. Sister #1, her family and Sister #2 so generously entertained me and squeezed as much as they can into my 4-day stay with them. (Thank you again, ateng Yow, kuya Adrian, ate Mons, and ate Babes! Mwah!)

I know ideally I should be blogging chronologically about the vacation. But since the topic on my blog is poultry, I want to share first about a specialty restaurant near Sister #1’s home.

For lunch on my last day of stay, Kuya Adrian brought me to Sham Tseng in Tsing Lung Tau on the New Territories side of Hong Kong. The order of the day: authentic Hong Kong roasted goose.

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There are many restaurants that serve Hong Kong roasted goose, the specialty of Sham Tseng, along this stretch of Castle Peak Road in Tsing Lung Tau. But Fu Kee Restaurant is the family favorite.

Fu Kee in Sham Tseng hongkong roasted gooseFu Kee Roasted Goose (nice name, no?) is right along the main road across Lido Garden flats and 7-11.

Fu Kee authentic hong kong roasted gooseThe restaurant has expanded its dining area and taken up this whole open space beside it. The place gets filled up on weekends, especially at night when families and friends get together over goose and ice cold beer.

authentic delectable hong kong roasted goose sham tseng districtFu Kee’s roasted goose is a delight – both to the taste buds and the heart (cardiac delight!). The meat is tender and tasty, the skin crunchy. I like to dip it in plum sauce.

My niece loves, loves roasted goose! (Oh, and very happy and special birthday hugs go to you today! Your cousins miss you!)

After that hearty lunch of roasted duck, noodles, and several other dishes, we decided to drop by the beach up the road and walk home. Gotta burn the calories!

sham tseng district tsing ma bridge hong kongThe beach looks clean. But bathing isn’t allowed because water is not – it’s polluted. Swim at your own risk. There are picnic tables and barbecue pits so residents can still enjoy the beach area. My niece enjoyed making a mound of sand, hehe. That’s Tsing Ma Bridge in the background.

  • How to get to Sham Tseng:

Sham Tseng is in Tsuen Wan District on the New Territories side of Hong Kong. To get there, take the Tung Chung line of the MTR (orange line) to Tsing Yi. (If you are coming from the airport, take the S1 bus to Tung Chung/Citygate.)

how to get to sham tseng tung chung line MTR hong kong

Get off at Tsing Yi Station, enter Maritime Square Mall and look for the bus terminus at Exit A1. Take the green minibus no. 308M to Sham Tseng. Fare is about HKD6.50 (if I remember right). Get off at Lido Garden in Sham Tseng. Fu Kee and the row of roasted goose restaurants are on the opposite side of the street.

(There may be other buses, but this is the route I know.)

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