When Bling Speaks Louder Than Blab

This post is for the men – take a hint. 😛

If there’s one gift that makes a loud statement, it’s jewelry -whether it be gold, platinum, or sterling silver jewelry. But, sometimes, men are like this when it comes to jewelry – 


The most basic question is: what kind of jewelry to give? Choosing among the big four – earrings, ring, necklace and bracelet – could be quite confusing.

Before splurging on that bling for the woman in your life, read on and get some tips.

EARRINGS are probably your safest choice, because they can be used for almost any occassion. A pair of simple diamond or pearl studs will make any woman happy. On the plus side, there are many affordable choices for earrings.

NECKLACES are a romantic gesture. Oh you didn’t know that? Now you know. Pearl strands, pendants, solitaire stones will all be equally loved. The length of chain will depend on your woman – longer ones are for dressy types. 

A RING is probably one of the best jewelry gifts a woman could get. But, because it symbolizes COMMITMENT, men –  be careful. The expectation level will definitely rise after this point. If this relationship is it for you, though, go ahead and make her extremely happy. For married couples, a ring is a great gift to symbolize renewed commitment.

BRACELETS, on the other hand, are fun and non-committal. For the modern and chic, bangles are in. The classic chains and tennis bracelet are timeless and will be loved by any woman. For those “I messed up, I’m sorry” moments, this nice chain bracelet with heart-shaped clasp is perfect.

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