What’s in Your Lunchbox: Chicken Tocino

Today, my kids, hub and I are having chicken tocino for lunch. It’s not so obvious that this is a favorite packed lunch of the family. 😀 Lately though, my family has been having more fruits and veggies. So I threw in some fresh pineapples into my lunch.

While on a client visit in Tagaytay, Hub bought fresh whole pineapples there for only Php25 apiece (about USD 0.50!). Tagaytay pineapples are sweet and fragrant. Of course, they are supposed to bring good luck for the Chinese New Year.

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6 thoughts on “What’s in Your Lunchbox: Chicken Tocino

  1. I miss Tagaytay pineapples!  Pero mahal na yan at 25 ha.  When we were still in Laguna Bel Air, my husband buys pineapples from Tagaytay on his way home from work (he was still with Intel Cavite).  8 pesos lang ang isang pineapple noon, the same with buko. Ngayon pati buko mahal na rin.

  2. Hello Imom,The chicken tocino looks yummy!  You know the best pineapple I have ever tasted is from Tagaytay.  It was very sweet and didn’t have any “bite.”  Kakamiss talaga ng Tagaytay. 

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