What made me ___ today…

…Sad: Technohub (yeah, that’s his new pseudonym 😛 ) left for Taipei this morning to spend some time with his mom and siblings. It was originally a business trip. But due to many changes, he ended up with nothing to do there. No supplier meetings nor plant visits. None of the franticness that is usual when he travels. He thought of canceling the trip as, for him, it’s a waste of time – travel which is not associated with work. But since re-booking the ticket will entail too much surcharges, he decided to fly anyway. So, though the kids and I will miss him badly (boohoohoo), I am happy that he will spend some relaxed time with his beloved mom and siblings. I’m sure he welcomes it too. The not-so-good news about the potential-big-break project that came to us a few days ago has been weighing him down 🙁 . We have been working so hard for months on this project, and now it seems all is lost. sigh


…Happy: Before technohub left, we had breakfast at Kalye Juan in T. Morato Street, Quezon City. Although I have been eating less and healthier, opportunities to try out new places always make me happy excited. I had the Sisiglog (Sizzling Pork Sisig with fried rice and sunny-side up, Php140, plus Php20 for bottomless coffee). He had the Lechonsilog (Lechon Kawali, also with rice and egg, Php140… I think??) AND Pancit Palabok(Php95). I loved my sisig because it had lots of grilled pork in it, not just cartilage and what-nots. I did not have the chance to taste hub’s lechon kawali; through mouthfuls he managed to say “It’s okay.” What made me truly happy is that I have found the best sisig so far (and at an affordable price too!).




…Smile: I was having a conversation with someone about chicken and eggs and salmonella.

Me: Kaya hindi na ako kumakain ng malasado. Mas gusto ko yung well-done. (That’s why I don’t eat runny eggs anymore. I like them well-done.)

Her: Really? Favorite ko pa naman ang sidey-side up. Di ba, masarap yun, yung sidey-side up?

(At inulit pa!)

I hope this made you smile too! 😛

12 thoughts on “What made me ___ today…

  1. hi chats, i was actually thinking of you yesterday after i accompanied a friend to view some condos (some are pre-selling) in makati. i remembered you posted something about doors. and it got me thinking with all the on-going constructions around, i’m sure you have lots of projects. another friend naman markets doorknobs. i’m sorry to learn about the not-so good news re: hubby’s project. if i could only help. pls. email me your company profile. i know some people that might help.

  2. Sidey-side up, 😀 An uncle calls it over-easy. I like them with onions, garlic, tomatoes, basil, cheese, ham/hotdog or ground meat or tuna flakes or mushroom. Grabe, ang dami.

    Hope you would be able to have a big project lined up.

    Take care.

  3. and it brought a smile on my face. hehe, side side up pala ha. pareho tayo, me don’t like eggs na medyo malasado. 🙂

    so how are you Chats? i hope you’re feeling better. Ok lang yan.

  4. i like eggs too, kahit ano basta well done.
    sorry to hear about that project 🙁 i’m sure there would be other opportunities for you guys.

  5. Sorry about your hubby’s project, I’m sure better opportunities will come.

    Sidey side up? mukhang masarap yan ah, masubukan nga. hehe

  6. Alam mo favourite ko rin and sidey-side up pero I’m not scared of salmonella naman.

    it’ll make me happy and bring a smile to my face as well if I have breakfast at Kalye Juan .

    I hope technohub comes home soon to bring a smile on your face too.

  7. sad news and happy news, i am glad it is not all sad news.

    oh well, if God closes DOORS, He will open lots of WINDOWs, maybe even more DOORS of opportunity.

    miss you, Chats!

  8. Yes, it made me smile considering I’m a sunny side up eggs kind of girl. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the project. Hope something bigger will come up soon. Good luck!

  9. akala ko yung susunod na inorder nyo sa Kalye Juan is pancilog — nyek nyek — patawarin po I cannot help it… esp after reading the sidey side egg, ako din I like sidey-side up.

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