And we’re back!

This is yet another hello-blog entry. Pffffft.


My family is back in Manila after spending almost 2 weeks in Baguio City. It would have been the dream getaway for me and the kids – safe from Manila’s scorching heat and in the company of family that we love.

Except that everyone got sick, starting with Nate, who had to be hooked to an IV just so he won’t get dehyrated. Things went downhill from there. 🙁

As Nate was getting better, VGood started vomiting and pooping, along with a cousin or a tita. I too was not spared from the virus that rampaged our gastrointestinal systems. All in all, the virus downed at least nine family members. Nine!!! WTFH??!

So, instead of going to the wonderful places I promised my kids and myself to go to, I (along with the rest of the well adults) got caught up caring for the patients. We pretty much took turns taking care of each other. Oh well, that’s what family is for.

Aside from the getting sick part, there was also much family drama going on… But that’s best left out here. 😛 (No Chicka-minute for you hehe). Gaaaah.

Anyway, the good side of getting viral gastroenteritis? I lost 2 pounds or so! No need for adipex no prescription, with prescription, or whatever diet pills!

The vacation had its wonderful highlights though: 1)My sister and her kids came up and so it became like an impromptu family reunion; 2) Meeting up with my childhood BFF whom I’ve not seen for 24 years! 3) Being reunited with her at Hill Station!

More about those in later posts… including viral gastroenteritis, which, though a minor illness, could get pretty serious and surely annoying!

For now, I have work to do. Tata!

3 thoughts on “And we’re back!

  1. Hi Chats!

    Sayang naman di man lang tayo nagkasalubong! Hahaha. 🙂 I do hope your family’s doing well now. I hate viruses too—they spoil all the fun when you’re supposed to be having fun in vacation.

  2. Hi Yvie! Oo nga eh, I was only able to go see two of my friends. All of the grand schemes to visit some wonderful places and get together with old friends were scrapped. Oh well, there’s always next time. And next time I hope to get to meet you 🙂

  3. My son is not spared from viral gastroenteritis, too. Good thing, it’s not amoebiasis. Hope all is well with your family now.

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