Welcome to my new home on the net!

Many many thanks again to Noemi of Pinoy Webhosting for sponsoring my website. In celebration of her blog’s first year anniversary, Noemi put up a contest. And guess who won the contest (along with two other bloggers)???

Yey, me!

It took me a long while to figure out how to change the default WordPress template. And then it took another longer while to search for the perfect template. I finally found this one by Beccary. Patchy and I fell in love with it the moment we saw it. So, after downloading several templates, I think I will finally settle with this one!

14 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Wow, congrats for winning. A domain of your own. Cool! I like your new home. I love the design. You might want to put a link of your old blog on the side bar (if you want).

    Congrats for losing 6 pounds. That’s great! Keep it up!

  2. cheers to your new home Chats! looking forward to your interesting posts here.

    you can opt not to miss anything in WordPress coz you can transfer all your stuff from Blogger to here in a breeze.

  3. Thanks for coming over, Toni, Feng and Rach!

    Feng, unfortunately, the 1-click migration from Blogger to WP only works with the Old Blogger, and I have moved to the New Blogger. Until I figure it out, I will just keep the link to my Blogger blog on the sidebar muna. I did not know you have moved to WP na rin. 🙂 And it seems you were able to move your friendster blog ha. Good for you!

  4. Wow, may housewarming party pala dito 😀 the template’s very nice!

    Will be subscribing via Google Reader so that I don’t miss your posts 😉

  5. ay sad naman to hear that you can’t transfer everything automatically. anyway, you can do it manually, cut and paste lang yan, kaya lang it would take time pa.

    yup, i’ve move to WP na rin. i love the security, flexibility and interactivity it offers. these reasons, aside from a stalker issue that i have thankfully resolved na rin. imagine, she even said she saw me in a Mall, tapos pumunta pa sa house namin at nag send pa sa akin ng photo to prove na she figured out where we live, grabe, frightening talaga. pero at least OK na now. after several exchange of emails from this stalker, natauhan na rin.

  6. welcome to wordpress! I love this Thirteen design. And i’m sure you’ll be trying a lot more in the near future — because it’s just so much fun.

    I will update my blogroll now to include this new address.

  7. Hi Christianne and Lisa! I’m still feeling my way around. Like: I still cannot change the permissions for this template even if i followed the procedure in Codex. ?? But yes, it’s so much fun changing the templates 😀

    Feng,wow that stalker is so creepy. What’s wrong with her life that she’d want to interfere with yours?? Glad to know it’s resolved now. This makes me think twice now about posting photos of my home and family! yikes.

  8. Thank you, sexy mom! I’ beginning to think my favorite color has shifted from blue to green 😀 Patchy and I liked this template because it’s feminine but not girly.

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