Welcome, Corinne Marguerite!

This pretty, pink bundle is the newest member of the G Clan.

Corinne was born on October 10th, 2008 via c-section by my youngest sis, eMac. Corinne weighed 7.2 pounds and was 47 centimeters long. She is the clan’s 17th grandchild – whew, all that counting almost took all my toes and fingers! 😛

I haven’t seen her in person, but she sure has cute chubby cheeks and a tiny button of a nose! Parang ang sarap-sarap yakapin! I could almost smell her sweet baby breath.

Congratulations, sis eMac and bro Wanchito!

Now you are parents. It is an experience as old as time yet ever new. No one can predict exactly how it will be for you – how great the difficulties, how rich the rewards. Right now the task may seem insurmountable. You may feel overwhelmed and unprepared. But with time will come skill and confidence, fed by love, understanding, and concern. (Better Home and Gardens New Baby Book)

I so look forward to seeing you all – especially Corinne – in December!

Baguio is such a perfect place for relaxing with a good cup of coffee, whether I’m sipping some high-end Illy coffee or the locally-grown Benguet roast.

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