Wekend Cook: Chicken, Ham and Cheese Roll

This appetizer is so fast and easy, but will be a sure hit with kids who love crunchy food.
I discovered this recipe by accident. Hubby and I were browsing through TV channels one late night when we passed by a Chinese cooking program. Cooking shows always catch my attention, whether I understood the language or not, so I said “Go back, go back!”. The Chinese guy was making what looked like Cordon Bleu (my hubby likes to eat but not to cook, so he didn’t bother translating for me). It looked interesting and easy enough so I thought of giving it a try. After a few experimental attempts, I finally settled with the following procedure. This will yield about 6 to 8 rolls.


2 skinless chicken breasts, deboned and sliced into 2″ fillets
1/2 cup cooked ham, sliced into 2″ strips
1/2 cup cheese, sliced into 1/2″ strips
salt (but I would omit this because the cheese is salty enough for me)
lumpia wrappers, large-sized ones
2 tbsp. flour and cold water for batter
cooking oil for frying


1. On a lumpia wrapper, place a fillet of chicken, followed by ham, and cheese strips. If your lumpia wrappers are too small, overlap 2 pieces (as I did in the photo, right).
2. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
3. Wrap and roll! Seal edges with water.
4. Heat oil in a frying pan. Dip rolls into batter of flour and cold water.
5. Fry until golden brown. Be careful not to overcook as this will make the chicken fillets too dry.
6. Set rolls aside to drain and cool a bit, then slice into 1″ pieces.
7. If you wish, make garlic and mayo dip by mixing minced garlic (1 or 2 cloves) with 4 tbsp. mayonnaise, a tiny pinch of salt (but I’d omit this too; tryin’ to lose weight y’know!) and a dash of pepper.

14 thoughts on “Wekend Cook: Chicken, Ham and Cheese Roll

  1. looks delicious! i was just eating ham and cheese pinwheels the other day for lunch but the wrapper was made out of fresh tortilla and it wasn’t fried.

    my kids would go crazy for this kind of dish because they love crisp and crunchy eggrolls. its their favorite filipino food.

  2. hi chateau! thanks for visiting my blog! gosh! how i wish i could cook that way too! i’m just a pasta cooker. hai….

    thanks for sharing your recipes. even if they are just your own concoctions.

  3. Wow, that looks really delicious! How nice that you’ve successfully tried the recipe after only a few attempts.

    You remind me of my hubby. He likes watching foreign cooking programs too. He loves following the recipes and manages to create delicious meals(even though some of those programs are not in english).

    Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful recipe. I think I can give it a try and surprise my husband for a change. 🙂

  4. Hi Feng,thank you for taking time to peek at the weekend cook. 🙂

    Belle, your pinwheels sound so healthy. pero iba pa rin pag fried! haha!

    Ann, thanks for finding your way here! I like to experiment with food, and this is one of those that luckily went right, teehee

    Hello there, Chic! Hope you’ll try out this one 🙂

    Rach, it’s really so simple! It would be a very nice valentine’s surprise for your hubby; he’ll surely appreciate the gesture!

    Hey sexy mom. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Hi!
    Nice recipe you got there! I tried this one and my husband loved it!
    tastes good with the dip!
    thanks for sharing this!

  6. have you ever tried putting some veggies in your chicken rolls?and letting your children taste or even eat it?i want to know because there is an activity assigned to me that i’ll need to remake an ordinary dish for school aged child into a healthy and delicious meal.i am thinking if you can put some sliced carrots, potatoes or petchay in your chicken roll? would that be possible? thanks

  7. Hi Belle! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I’ve tried adding thin slices of carrots and cucumbers (separately and together), and it works really well. Good luck with the school activity. 🙂



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