Weight Loss Update 2

I’m back with more updates on my weight loss project.

I did the inevitable.

I signed up with Fitness First.


I did not see it coming too! My mommy-friends in school have been convincing me to join. In fact, I went on a free trial day recently. Being a work-at-home mom (“work” referring to various paper work for husband – such as research, correspondence with suppliers and a few clients, preparing documents – of course pro-bono), it took me a lot of selling skills and detailing (thanks to my marketing background) to convince my husband with regard to the additional cost my membership will entail to our monthly expenses. I even showed him a list of items that I will do away with to lessen my personal expenses.

At the gym, an Initial Evaluation was done on me. I stood on a machine that looked like a digital weighing scale. Only, moments later, the terminal it was connected to was spewing out a piece of paper with some figures on it. Oh, it was a body fat analyzer bioelectric impedance analysis machine . (Let’s use the politically-correct term, lest we insult myself the fat people).

So what did the little piece of paper reveal about my health? Quite a few shocking revelations:

I need to lose 20 to 25 pounds, depending on how ambitious I am, to get within my normal weight range.

I am 2 points beyond the upper limit of my normal BMI (body mass index) range… which is not so bad I guess.

I am composed of 44% fat.

That was shocking. Everything else became a blur. I still cannot get over it: almost half of me is fat…??? !!! I don’t know how reliable the machine is. But reality has struck me. What I used to just see in the mirror is now printed in black-and-white before me. It’s a wake-up call. If I want to live long enough to enjoy my retirement years and see my children have their own children, I better start cleaning up my act now.

It’s begun.

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