Weight Loss and Detox Methods

Among the many benefits of detoxification, many people employ its techniques for weight loss. Detoxification is a form of alternative medicine which utilizes natural forms such as herbs and essential oils to cleanse the body of toxins. Proponents of alternative medicine claim that by eliminating these toxins, the body’s ability to function efficiently is restored, thus making recovery from certain illnesses faster. Obesity is one such illness.

There are several ways of performing detoxification. For weight loss, the most common is by preparation of high-fiber drinks from blended organic vegetables, grains and herbs. Then there are colon cleanser tablets, used by many celebrities for weight loss and over-all health improvement. Popping the tablet, of course, is more convenient than preparing vegetable shakes.

Whatever detox method you are interested in trying, always remember to read up first. There are certain preparations that should be done prior to detoxifying.

My say on detox? Nothing beats the practice of moderate, healthy living. As my weight loss experiences taught me, the best methods to ensure long-lasting weight loss are still the basics – healthy eating and physical activity. Fad diets and pills will come and go, but these two will always remain.

Sounds like bad news to some, eh? 😛

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