Weekly Question: What man jobs can iMom do?

This week’s question from Julie’s GreenBucks is:

What man-jobs can you do?


I drive my kids everyday (kulang nalang mag-enrol ako sa truck driving school!)… although driving is now not just a man’s job anymore. I know many women who drive for their husbands! So, okay. Driving is NOT a man-job. *cross out*

I clean the car… Wash it, “tire-black” it, vacuum it. Hmmm. This is NOT a man-job either. Not anymore. *cross out*

I sometimes do minor repairs such as putting back the broken towel rack, or troubleshooting a leaky pipe. I don’t wonder anymore why things are always broken at home. I’m the handy(wo)man!

Oh yeah, this one job my hubby hates: reading manuals of/figuring out/setting up gadgets and their cables. Needless to say, all electronic and techno tasks are mine.

Medyo nahirapan akong mag-isip ng man-job. Truth is, the line is becoming blurrier. Women are now more comfortable doing man-jobs.

And men are, well, happily handing over their gloves. 😛

10 thoughts on “Weekly Question: What man jobs can iMom do?

  1. So true, you know, hubby is not a handyman, not like my father. He is good with the car and the computer and the kids but not with work needed to be done in the house.

    Me mga woman truck drivers na din yata as there are woman tricycle, taxi and bus drivers 😀

    Thanks Chats. By the way, its hubby naman who reads the manuals and explains these things to me 😀

    Enjoy your no-classes today.

  2. me, the line is clear. medyo di ko carry ang man jobs, hehehe! buti ikaw you understand these tech manuals, ako i dont even bother opening them.

  3. Hi Abaniko! As a matter of fact, YES! LOL… Our patio roof was damaged when the construction men of the house being built beside us stepped o it. Ayun, ako at si ate ang naglagay ng VUlcaSeal!

  4. Julie, pareho pala tayong di handyman ang hubbies… My hub is a paradox, because he designs shelves, computer tables, and is at construction sites several hours a day. And yet…!!

  5. Cess, tamad si hubby magbasa ng manuals. YUng sa cables naman, he taught me how to put what where… Ayun, happy naman siya at madali akong matuto 😀

  6. my favorite tool is the electric drill, and i guess “drilling” is one “man job” i do. one thing i can’t (and i won’t) do is digging a hole in the yard and burying a dead dog/cat/pet into that hole. i draw the line there, he he he

  7. I am so disgustingly female that I really can’t do anything macho. Except, as I posted somewhere, hang a picture frame on the wall and even that i can’s assure you it would not be tabingi.

    Pero .. I don’t also do female tasks well. So what does that make me?

    Ay, don’t answer, don’t answer.

  8. Same here sister, handy-woman din ako here at home, fixing broken racks, cabinets, curtain rods, water leaks, changing faucets, washing car, bringing kids to school, driving a truck (he he he). But I don’t climb the roof, I have fear of heights, baka mahulog lang ako sa hilo….

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