Weekly Question # 3

This week’s question from Julie is:

What were your favorite books as a child, specifically in your elementary school years?

In my younger years, I was a bookworm. (I wonder what happened to that person?) I loved leafing through the pages of the encyclopedia, and most especially one old version of the Reader’s Digest World Almanac that belonged to my grandfather. I really did not read at first; I just enjoyed looking at maps, colorful pictures of animals, plants, people and precious stones. The fascination with pictures soon turned to fascination with words. I enjoyed learning new things, reading new words.

When I was in Grade 1, an aunt from the US gave me my first Cinderella story book. Dad decided to teach me how to read with it. So patiently, we read Cinderella together, over and over. It got to a point where I was able to memorize whole sentences so I was not actually reading anymore. Dad noticed. He is more clever

than I am, so one day, instead of starting with page 1, he turned to the last page. We began reading in reverse! LOL

Still while in 1st Grade, Dad taught me how to use the dictionary. I pretty soon got the hang of it, so each time I came across a new word, I’d quickly look it up. Well, today it helps whenever my kids (or hub) ask word meanings or I’m playing online scrabble.

The first pocket book I remember reading from cover to cover is The Little Prince (by Antoine de Saint Exupery) when I was in Grade 3. I loved it, and enjoyed the Little Prince’s fantasy world/s. It was where I learned that a boa constrictor could swallow a whole elephant! The hat illustration is still so vivid on my mind. The rest of the story, though, is now just a blur.

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Question # 3

  1. Wow..you were in Gr. 3 when you read The Little Prince!?! Ako ata high school na when I read it. Advanced ka ha. Kasi nung gradeschool, Nancy Drew pa lang alam ko eh 😀

  2. I love the illustration from The Little Prince too.
    My favorite book/s as a child were from Enid Blyton. An aunt of mine has them on her children’s bookshelves – her kids (my rich kids cousins) have never touched the books in their lifetime. They were like ornaments than books. I think it was even illegal to touch them. but I managed to read them all behind my aunt’s back. Oh and one of my favorite books again was the “Choose Your Own Adventure Series” I would save money and buy them at 28 pesos each from Bookmark. That was a lot of money 🙂

  3. Hi Cookie! Well, my best friend back then was a bookworm, as in she had a whole book case in her room. She first started reading The Little Prince. Then I saw a copy at home, so ginaya ko rin siya. hehe. She greatly influenced me I guess.

  4. Hi mng. Toni! I read a few Enid Blyton books when I was in grade 4 I think… Oh yes, Choose Your OWn! It was a hit during my 1st yr in high school. Didn’t we used to swap/share? Bookmark – our fave bookstore! I miss the old Baguio with the old shops. Session Road is not as glorious as it was before.

  5. The Little Prince is my favorite book but I think I was already in high school when I read it.

    When I was a young girl, I loved the story Heidi. My godmother gave me a hardbound Heidi book.

  6. Grade 3 sa The Little Prince? HS ako nun, had even a hard time interpreting because I was so into Mills and Boon 😀

    Thanks for sharing your favorite reads.

    Till the next one!

  7. You learned how to look up words in the dictionary at grade 1! Wow, no wonder you’re so word wise (and otherwise too, I think).

    The Little Prince, too! I got hold of the St. Exupery book in high school — didn’t finish it. Clueless what the allegories and parables meant. It was only when I was much older and married that na-gets ko. And I have read and reread and given away copies of the book.

    Try the Anns? — Ann Tyler, Anna Quindlen, and Anne Lamott.

  8. Hi AM, Julie, Rach: Ngeee! Don’t get me wrong! When I read the Little Prince, I took it all in, as in literally. I believed even the boa swallowing up the whole elephant.
    With such a young mind, I did not bother with the allegories, nor did i think there were! haha. It was only when I grew up that I realized it was such a deep book.

  9. Hi Feng! We read in reverse, not sotry-wise, but per-word. Kasi dad caught me memorizing sentences. But then again, he must have not known about the concept of sight words.

    Hi cess! Corek, blog-worm na ngayon. 🙂

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