Weekly Question # 14: Beauty Basics

This week’s question from Julie:


What are your facial or beauty regimens that you do before you go to sleep?

I’ve come to realize the value of caring for my skin a few years ago, before I left the oh-so-young-and-sweet-sounding twenties stage. I probably picked it up from my mama, whom I fondly remember slathering her face with Nivea cream (used to come in those blue tins) and Oil of Olay (the light pink fluid). Whenever I smell a lemony cosmetic, I’d always remember her massaging her face with Pond’s cold cream. Not surprisingly, my mama looks young for her age. (Check out this post.)

While others have complicated nightly skin rituals and some need to get the best acne treatment, my skin regimen is quite basic –  cleanse, tone, moisturize. For cleansing, I use Dove facial foam and water. To tone, it’s Pond’s White Beauty Toner. To moisturize, my current night cream is Nivea Visage. In the recent 2 years, I’ve added the regular use of an eye cream – Nivea’s anti-wrinkle Q10 Plus.

After applying these youth potions (and crossing my fingers that they work!), I kiss my four babies (the fourth being the biggest baby of all) good-night, whisper my prayers, and de-clutter my mind of the day’s negatives. Yes, these too are part of my beauty regimen. 😉

Let’s check and compare with others’ night skin rituals here.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Question # 14: Beauty Basics

  1. I really, really should start doing this nightly ritual. Nivea Visage, is that the one with the L-carnitine? Or maybe not.

    Sa dami ng products, I can’t choose which one to use. This beauty business is really big business, kahit daw walang datung, basta maganda, ok na din 😀

    Thanks imom for sharing your nightly rituals, I might try some of your suggestions.

  2. tama sabi ni Cookie–kaya ka pala flawless. mali ang sabi ko sa kanya, i said cleanse, moisturize and tone, ang dapat pala, cleanse, tone and moisturize (masyado kasi ako na excite, twas nice seeing you at ISSI)

  3. Hi cookie! Naks, di naman… *shy* I have my mom’s genes to thank.

    Hi Julie! I don’t know that one with l-carnitine ah. Bilib you me, hindi mahal ang mga gamit ko. You really, really should start na, before the wrinkles come! 😀

    Hi Sexy Mom! It was nice to see you too. 🙂

  4. I’m using Belo’s. I regret that I didn’t bring enough when I came here in UAE last January. I used those from Clarins instead. But my skin/ face really longs for Belo. I can’t wait till I’m home for a vacation this December. So I asked them to send me the pieces. Now my face is happy again. 🙂

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