Weekly Question # 1

Julie at Greenbucks started a new meme called “Weekly Questions“. It’s simple – we answer the question she asks each week.

WQ # 1 is: Would you know if your husband/partner is reading your blog?


Yes, I know if he does or does not. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. In this blog, he is known as technohub – the one who is oh so technologically-challenged. It took him a while to finally decide he needed an email account (duh!). Lucky for him because I do all his emails… well, I used to. Now he has a Yahoo mail, a Gmail, and DSL connection in his office too! Recently he has been mulling over the idea of buying a laptop. But, as always, the voice of reason triumphed and, instead, he bought a memory stick. (According to him, to do remote office work, all he really needed was a memory stick and Google Documents. Then he can go into any internet shop to access his files. Smart eh? Nagtitipid lang, hehe.)

So. Where was I? Oh yeah… Does husband read my blog? No, I don’t think he does. Or else, I couldn’t rant on and on about him. 😛 Despite all the technological advances happening in his life, he really has not gotten into web-surfing, let alone blog-reading. He is too busy for such things, his mind too full for much else but work. 🙁 If I have a certain blog post I want him to read, I would have to go to that page, seat him beside me, and walk him through the post. He doesn’t have much patience for such… err… inanities (as I imagine he must think my blogging is).

7 thoughts on “Weekly Question # 1

  1. Thanks for doing this, iMom.

    Tell your hubby na to get his laptop, coz he might forget some ting and leave his passwords in the net cafe, mahirap na.

    Natawa naman ako sa walk him through the post. So he doesn’t mind that you post photos of the kids? Some do kasi 😀

    Thanks and till the next one.

    P.S. Ulan today, buti good weather last Friday ano?

  2. hi Julie,
    My husband doesn’t mind much that I publish our kids’ photos, but he does mind if i publish his! Kaya I don’t haha. That’s his only condition… Oh i did once, but the one we had facial masks on. hehe

  3. aba, at least even if he doesn’t read your posts he tolerates your blogging and the hours you invest on it, di ba? such a supportive husband. and i know he just doesn’t keep himself busy with high tech things because he has you anyway. and he knows he can always ask for your help and assistance- what a loving, sexytary di ba?! 🙂

  4. hahaha! challenged nga! iba siguro ang “bisyo” nya, hindi related sa internet? perhaps your car, or your home theater? at least he lets you go online as much as you like. pogi points pa rin =D

  5. I’ve been reading the answers from our Mommy friends’ blogs and it looks like our Hubbies are one and the same. well, almost. 😉

    I think what matters is that even they don’t frequent our blogs, at least they know what we often talk about in our diaries, right?

  6. Inanities? Chos. Malay mo, he’s secretly proud of his blogger-wife. And when the ppp $ flow in … aba wa na sya say! Pero teka, don’t you have a stat counter to find out who’s been visiting?

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