Weekend with Family

During the weekend, my family was together to celebrate four birthdays – 2 nieces’, 1 sister’s, and my sister’s mom-in-law’s. Lots of birthdays, lots of fun! The party was held Saturday night. It was good to unwind and do some catching up with family and friends.

The kids had a great time doing the choo-choo train dance!

The birthday girls!

Sunday was sister-bonding time. You wouldn’t want to know why we were laughing so hard! 🙂 This is the best about reunions – we get to sit down and talk, eat, laugh, cry, and laugh some more. I miss them already.

5 thoughts on “Weekend with Family

  1. miss you all sistahoods!
    Thank you for making our short weekend stay a happy family bonding time!
    Hope you are enjoying your “durb” ration!

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