Juicy Mustard Burgers | Weekend Cook Recipe

Today, I cooked juicy mustard burgers for dinner. Yeah, manang was on day-off, so dinner had to be easy. hehehe

The kids preferred to eat their burger patties with rice, while hub and I enjoyed them with buns slathered with tomato ketchup and mayo.

juicy mustard burgers recipe

Here is the recipe for Juicy Mustard Burgers

Ingredients: (to make 8 pieces 3-inch diameter patties)

1/2 kilo ground pork or beef (I used pork because my family doesn’t eat beef), drained well

1 medium white onion, chopped

1 egg

3 to 4 tbsp fresh or skimmed milk

1 tbsp mustard (I used Thomy, the wonderful German mustard brand)

dash of salt to taste

fresh-cracked black pepper, about a pinch (fresh-cracked makes all the difference, believe me!)

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce (which I forgot to buy! But my burgers turned out well anyway.)

Mix all ingredients well, except milk. Mixture should not be too watery, so it is wise to slowly add the milk last. Consistency is just right if you are able to form patties that don’t fall apart.

The milk in the mixture is the key to the burgers being juicy, while the mustard gives the burgers a lovely flavor.


Heat a non-stick pan with a little bit of oil over high flame. When pan is smoky, add the patties to sear. Reduce heat to medium, and continue searing for about 30 seconds per side. Try your best to leave the patties alone to sear. Resist the urge to tumble them about. Leave them alone to sear. 😛

When both sides have seared nicely (not black-burned but golden-seared), reduce heat further and continue to cook. This will take about 2-4 minutes per side, depending on how thick the patties are, and how well/rare you want them.

Drain the juicy mustard burgers on paper towels. Enjoy with your favorite toppings in the bun, or, with rice and ketchup as my kids did.

Next time, I will probably throw in a slice of quick melt cheese and some veggies. 🙂

This is a good school lunch idea – whether with burger buns or rice!

6 thoughts on “Juicy Mustard Burgers | Weekend Cook Recipe

  1. hmmmm .. it’s almost 12 midnight here but I am craving for a burger 🙂 didn’t really think of putting mustard in the burger mix..good idea..thomy.. 😉 hope I can give you your next supply when an opportunity comes up again.

  2. Hello Mng Toni! Try it, try it! Masarap talaga, esp with Thomy mustard and fresh-cracked peppercorns. Parang sausage-y flavor.

    I got my Thomy from the flying Rav as usual.

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