Weaning a Technophobe

When I resigned from work about three years ago, two of my conditions were a functional PC and fast internet connection. These seemed fair enough to hubby, as he planned for me to do his correspondence and web research. So oblige he did.

Not that I’m complaining. But he dumped the whole lot of web PC-related work on me. Be it clients to be emailed, new suppliers to be looked up, or a simple price quotation, it was iMoM to the rescue! (Again,I am not complaining, lest he gets the wrong message and banishes me forever from the PC! I love working on the computer and with the internet. It is due to hours and hours spent surfing the web that I discovered the wonderful world of blogging! That’s why I don’t want to be banished forever. hehe)

Anyway, he got so complacent trusted me so much, he did not want to have anything to do with whatever it is I was doing on the PC that’s connected to his work. I would attempt to teach him some Excel formulae, so he can do simple tables. I would attempt to teach him how to use Powerpoint, so his presentations will be more presentable. No matter what prodding I and sister-in-law A did, he did not see the need for internet access in his office. Nandiyan naman ang sexytary nya. (aherm)

A few weeks ago, hub got a call from PLDT. It was one of their sales people offering him a good deal – affordable DSL connection with free NDD calls for one year. The sales person struck the right notes. The keywords – affordable and free – must have jumped out and echoed over and over in his head. He immediately said yes.

On the day DSL was installed in his office, I received a text message:

Check your email. I sent you my new email address. Please send to all my contacts.

Aba, mayabang na! Finally. this will make my “job” as his remote sexyetary so much easier. We will be consuming less paper (and helping save Mother Earth in the process) and ink, that’s for sure. We used to print documents we need to show to each other when he comes home from work. Now we exchange documents through email. Yipee. (Does my excitement make it sound like we have just emerged from the Dark Ages??)

What thrills me more is now he can send and read his own mail. It took a while for him to get used to the idea though. For example, on some menu we had to get from a restaurant for an upcoming function:

Hub: I asked them (restaurant staff) to fax me the menu but the fax was too dark, I can’t read it.

Me: Have you asked them to email it instead?

Hub: *scratches head* Hindi ko naisip yon (I did not think of that.) *then quickly recovers* They might give the wrong email address, fax is still better.

Me: *to self* Oh, okay, he has a point. But I sense resistance here…

At least hub is on the way to modernization. One Two (he got one unit for each of us) of his latest gadgets are CDMA phones from Bayantel. When he told me he got us CDMA phones, I asked “CDM-what??!” (Will post separately on that later).

Kudos, dear. Keep it up!

28 thoughts on “Weaning a Technophobe

  1. welcome to your hubby for joining the world wide web 🙂 actually that’s the usual problem with computers and internet ..more the fear of the unknown . but once you get into it you just learn it all by just doing it. my colleagues at work think i’m a super woman just because i can use the computer (now I do almost all paper work!!- i actually suggested that computer )..my boss wants me to apply for an internet connection (we’re still super low tech, computer has been there for almost a year now only) but i haven’t applied for one ..i’m afraid i’ll get more work in the end so might as well get away from it while i can.

  2. hey that cdma phones made me curious, is that the one where you can use your cell in the vicinity of your house 5-10 kilometers making the calls like landline calls?

  3. sorry for the first comment Chats. my little bunch is competing with her mom in the computer. 🙂 as i was commenting…

    so this post says it all about what you’ve mentioned to me during our Mommy Lunch. 🙂 good to hear that. next thing you’ll now, hubs will be blogging na rin. 🙂 wait till he discovers the addiction. 🙂

  4. Nice to hear Im not alone on that area. Hubby is not that techie — compared to me that is — But, he’s now trying to learn. At may USB Flash Disk na nga siya — di na floppy disk. hehehe!

    Have a great weekend! Stay pretty!

  5. Hi Toni! Naku, ikaw din pala exploited ang PC talents mo sa work, haha! Yep, those CDMA phones are wireless phones na parang landline. We can use them outside the home basta may signal ang network. Hub brings it everywhere he goes, so instead of calling cellphones, he calls landlines. I think it was more economic rather than tech reasons that he got those phones. We’re saving a lot from calls.

  6. Hi Feng! hehe, ganun talaga mga kids… Pakipisil nga muna cheeks ni Nico!
    I don’t think hub will ever get into blogging though LOL.

  7. Hi Salen!
    LOL, ang hirap to convince them to go techie ha. Nahirapan talaga ako haha. But yes, he is slowly catching up. Marunong na gumawa ng Powerpoint pres!

  8. Talaga? He’s the one who’s actively working ( in his own business ba?) and he has stayed away from IT? Well, watch out then .. he might turn out to be a closet geek who just had a grand coming out after all.

    Yung iba kasi .. they don’t know what they’re missing sa internet. Kaya project ko, to reach out to others … esp. other seniors … to orient them to the delights of IT. Sana magawa ko and hindi lang panay dreaming. hehe

  9. Hi anna!
    Ay naku, his office is a fire-hazard! Ang daming papel… But yes, I see the geek in him slowly coming out LOL.
    Good luck with your project… I think it’s going to be worthwhile.. So many seniors out there (read: my dad) need to do something worthwhile and are probably looking for ways to leave their lasting legacies. What better way than to WRITE their legacies.

  10. Nice template. When will I have a really nice template like this one? I think I will forever be in search of a nice template. It’s so clean.

    Anyway, I love reading about the working relationship you and your husband share. You have your time for your family and you help your husband with your business. For me, nothing beats this set up. 🙂 With me naman, my husband and I are both techies but he’s the true-blue tech savvy guy. I just pretend, haha.

    Have a nice weekend, Chats!

  11. Hi Chats. Love your new template.

    I like the creative title of your post. It’s good to know that you and your husband make a great team. It’s certainly a good sign that he’s starting to venture into the internet. Before you know it, may blog na rin sya. 🙂

  12. Relate na relate ako sa post mo, Chats. I am the techie one between the 2 of us. At least he now knows how to use email (there was a time when I had to teach him how to turn the PC on!!!!).

    But….these guys love toys for the big boys. He recently got himself a new laptop (I am still on a desktop) but recently, our kids are teasing him that so far, all he has done with it has been to play Spider Solitaire — which he staunchly denies, of course 🙂

  13. Hi Lynn! It really doesn’t take much to change themes on Word Press but few clicks and a bit of tweaking. Maybe you should switch to WP, there are lots of clean themes here!

  14. Hi Rach! My SIL gave a big sigh of relief when she found out hub is finally connected! I don’t think he will ever venture into blogging though. 😀

  15. Hi Jane!
    Haha, deny to death ba? LOL

    Ay naku, eto pa: he was once on a video call on Skype w/ my SIL. When they were done, he had to call me to ask how to end the call… My SIL was laughing so hard on the other end!
    Naku, baka maread ni hub ang mga comments ko dito… hehe.. lagot. Peace!

  16. May bayad ba yung pagiging sexy-tary mo? I have stopped attempting to teach my husband how to use Word. Sumasakit ulo ko every time.

    The only thing he knows how to use is IE. I taught him Firefox pero wala talaga. One time i minimized an IE he was using, he went berserk! Akala nya pala na-close yung window.

    Ibuking ba?

    BTW akala ko naligaw ako… I like this template, too, very girlie

  17. chats, my husband doesn’t even know how to get to his yahoo mail. he abandoned his old email address because some porn sites got ahold of his email. binibiro ko nga, sabi ko have you been visiting porn sites when i am not home? hehehe…i know he has not.

    in time, your hubby will get the hang of it.

  18. auee, pro bono nga eh… hay… hehehe. LOL @ your husband going berserk! Ako naman ang nag beberserk when hub accidentally CLOSES the browser when he meant to just close one tab! Hay, men. 😛

  19. Hi Leah! Finally nga, after years in the darkness we emerge! 😛

    Abaniko, haha @ my new name! I do spoil him? I just want to help din *bashing halts* Really he’s way over his head with workload so..

  20. Hi Belle! After all the discussions and comments, I am realizing that wife bloggers are more tech-savvy than their husbands! LOL

  21. hi chat,

    thanks again for visiting my site.

    so the sexy-tary will just have less work to do since hubby will be using his pc more (parang feeling ko ka-close ko kayo noh)…

    i hope i’ll get to meet you guys, the mommy bloggers.

  22. Hubby is the techie here but more with systems administration. With the blogging scene, he is not that updated though he is the one who does what I ask him to do with my blog, and I will just post to my heart’s content.

    You working with your hubby is nice. At least you get to know him better and better.

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