Waterbombs & Rain Shower

One evening last week there was a heavy downpour all over Metro Manila. I learned later in the news that traffic was horrible due to flooding in some areas. Many commuters were stranded.

Oblivious to the chaos going on all over Metro Manila were 7 kids looking forward to the downpour.

The Seven Kids: My girls VGood and Patch, DaV’s kids – Neenuh (who didn’t want to be teamed up with the kids), JGab, and Paeng, my sister DaV, and moi.

The Plan: Water Bomb Fight! Kids vs. Adults. Each team member was given 10 water bombs at his/her disposal.




A short battle ensued. There were some casualties. (Napikon ang mga kids! LOL). But the weeping soon turned into shouts for joy as the rains began to pour!






Patchy does a cartwheel!

The kids – small and big alike – had a grand time! Ah, to be young and free! Next time there is a downpour, you know what to do. *wink*

Photos by Neenuh (ergo, she wasn’t in any of them.)

PS – No, grandma, the kids did not catch colds! 😛

14 thoughts on “Waterbombs & Rain Shower

  1. Parang ang sarap ha. Unfortunately I’m too much of a wimp to follow suit but I’m sure my son would love to join.

    wow legs ha!

  2. Auee, you should try it hehe. Syempre I chose the photos which did not show the bulges too much 😛

  3. looks like you and the kids had so much fun 🙂

    my daughter and my brothers (i have an 11-year-old and an 8-year old brother) would spend a rainy day in our yard with a hose, a big batya, and their swim suits.

    Simple pleasures, lots of fun! At the best part: it’s for free! hehehe

  4. Fun!! Used to do this when we were kids. I’d like to do this with my kids but the H is soooooooooo selan. 🙁

    Hi Kongkong! My BIL was watching us from inside too, hehe. What a bunch of crazies, he must have thought hahaha

  5. Ang sarap!!! How fun to be free to play in the rain. 🙂

    Hi Toni! Yes we’re eagerly waiting for the next downpour! hehe

  6. Oh what fun! I got in trouble for water bombs way back my elementary days. Kill Joy kasi yung principal, hehehe.

    LOL, KK! Hindi mo pinalagpas yung opportunity sa principal ha? That must have felt great hahaha

  7. i also do the same, Chats, problem was on that day that there was a downpour, most of the kids were out. i am a person who LOVES rain, i do not like hot days.

    Hi Sexy Mom! I don’t like hot days too… Try the water bomb fight next time hehe. It’ll be lots if fun with your kids! The bomb fight we really planned, the very heavy downpour was a welcome bonus. 😀

  8. Ang saya! Like scenes from a station ID. I like the pic where you were jumping. 🙂 I love the rain too, but I’d like to sleep and eat more than anything when it’s really raining hard. And yes, have endless tv with my daughter. 🙂

    We had to do the jumping scenes several times as the photographer can’t seem to capture the right moment hehehe (peace, neenuh!). Tag-ulan nanaman, ang sarap matulog!

  9. My son and I haven’t tried it yet, but we always play outside whenever it rains. 🙂 Great idea ito. 🙂

    Mars, naku, your little boy will surely love it!

  10. Looks like you all had a great time! Rainy days are usually one of my favorite days when I was a kid, playing outside while it’ raining is is really fun. I wish to do that again with my li’l princess when she’s a bit older na.

  11. That looks like so much fun!

    I can’t remember the last time I had a water balloon fight. It was aaaaggeeesss ago. I just might suggest it in the office one time. I’ll keep balloons in my bag so they’re handy. hehehe

    I just love being a kid every now and then.

    I love the new layout. 🙂 Very sleek.

  12. Wow!!! That looks so much fun. Your kids are blessed to have a really cool mom like you. Yohan has never been in the rain. Medyo “KJ” kasi ako. Konting ambon lang, I let him go inside na. Maybe when he is a little older and not prone to getting sick, he could experience something like that.

    Great photos! It’s so nice to see both adults and kids having a grand time. I’ve never learned to do the cartwheel. Galing naman ni Patchy.

  13. chats, your kids are so lucky to have a cool mom like you and it something that they will treasure someday. way to go chats! and has someone told you that you have great legs?

    Thanks, and double thanks, belle! *shy* I hope they will treasure these fun memories.

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