Vote Earth – Join the Earth Hour 2009


As soon as my daughter iPatch saw the TV ad on Discovey Channel, she went to the calendar to mark the date right away.

-March 28, 2009 (Saturday) from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM is Earth Hour.

Last year, we were out at my sister’s house where there was a party so my family wasn’t able to participate. Well, in a way, we did, because the lights were off while we were away from home anyway.

This year, I’d like my family’s participation in Earth Hour to be active. My kids are actually excited and we have been discussing what we might do while we switch off the lights. We can go night-swimming at the clubhouse pool, that is if the clubhouse isn’t joining the Earth Hour. I hope it is! If so, we are probably going to take a family stroll around the village, or play some night games that we used to play back in my childhood.  Here’s a list of things to do during Earth Hour.

Whatever we end up doing, I will make sure to talk to my kids about global warming. Environmental talks aren’t new to my kids. Whenever I see a vehicle belching thick, dark smoke, I always point it out to them. When we see some neighbors burning leaves and trash, my kids know it’s bad for the environment.

We don’t idle in the car with the engine on anymore, because my kids know that several thousands of cars doing the same thing at the same time will make the Earth one really hot place.

I hope you join Earth Hour too. Spare 60 minutes of your Saturday for the only home we will ever have.

Sixty minutes without the comforts of light and electricity is nothing compared to the benefits our planet will reap from this concerted effort to help prevent global warming.

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Time to get off those Berkline theater seats and turn off the TV for a while. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Vote Earth – Join the Earth Hour 2009

  1. Hi rachel! That’s a sweet, literally haha, thing to do on Earth Hour. We are going to take a leisurely stroll around the village.

    I hope your family will have fun! 🙂

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