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Baguio Food Finds: Visco’s Strawberry Shortcake, Chona’s Delight

The wonderful thing about the Holidays is that it allows us to feel it’s okay to give in and indulge. That is exactly what I allowed myself to feel during the Holidays. Without guilt. This season, I discovered Visco’s Strawberry Shortcake and Baguio Teahouse’s Chona’s Delight!

Baguio food finds visco's strawberry shortcake

So now I pay the price. I gained six pounds! Because I got sick a few days ago, that number went down to four. The culprits? Desserts of course!

My sisters introduced me to two yummy desserts in Baguio – Baguio Tea House’s Chona’s Delight and Visco’s Strawberry Shortcake. Chona’s Delight, named after the one who made it I guess, is a refrigerator cake with layers of rich chocolate cake, creamy custard, whipped cream, and mocha cream.Baguio food finds visco's strawberry shortcake chona's delight


It can come either as a full-sized cake topped with cherries, or in not-meant-for-sharing individual bowled servings. Chona’s Delight is so addicting, because we’d find ourselves craving and so we’d troop up either to Session Road or the branch at SM.

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Update: Here’s a better photo of Visco’s Strawberry Shortcake that I recently posted on Instagram.

The Strawberry Shortcake did not look so enticing at first, because it was quite lopsided, thanks to the bumpy ride it went through to reach our faraway home. And I don’t really like strawberries very much (except for strawberry shakes or fresh ones dipped in LOTS of sugar). So I kept on passing – later, later… I got my first taste a day later when there was just one final slice left. And it was heavenly! I could still taste how fresh the strawberries were in the cake. I felt so bitin. Next time I go back home, I’ll make sure to treat myself to a slice… maybe two. 😉

(Baguio Tea House is located at Session Road, near the corner of Assumption Road. There is another branch at SM City Baguio. Visco’s Restaurant is also along Session Road, right beside the original Don Henrico’s. I’m sorry I don’t have numbers to share. I am so used to their presence, I take their addresses for granted.)


15 thoughts on “Baguio Food Finds: Visco’s Strawberry Shortcake, Chona’s Delight

  1. If I were in your shoes, I would’ve gained 10. But like you, I got sick after the holidays so whatever I gained, I lost. Funny, I always get sick after the holidays. Why kaya?

    Those desserts are killer. Pahingi 🙂

  2. Hi Chats! Could I please have your email address so I can send you a proposal for Mad Crowd Media? 🙂 I tried looking for your contact details on your site pero I couldn’t find it 🙂

  3. Plus six pounds minus two isn’t too bad for post-hoiday weigh-in. I didn’t gain .. but you know what my secret was. hehehe

    Anyway, the strawberry shortcake is one more reason to go to Baguio. I hope i make it soon with a friend who is from there and who has promised us a place to stay and a round of ukayukay places, etc. etc.

    You have accomplished friends and you are no less so.

  4. hi chats,
    it is fun to be able to connect with people you knew during your formative years.
    also it is nice to see everyone successful and happy.
    sarap ng dessert.
    ako i miss sans rival.
    walang ganyan dito.

  5. Wow, new look. The strawberry shortcake looks yummy, Chats.

    I am glad you had a great time with your HS friends. You all look lovely 🙂

  6. yummy, yummy strawberry cake. I want, I want!

    talk about mini reunions, isn’t December the most wonderful time for reconnecting with long time friends? glad you had a great Holiday in romantic Baguio. 🙂

  7. oh my that strawberry cake is soooo good! at least you waited until there was only one slice left. me, i would have attacked it right away, possibly going for another piece… and another one…

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