VGood’s Graduation Day

VGood is a big girl na, officially!

She graduated from Pre-School on April 1st. And though there were no medals or awards, she gets top honors in my heart! Her special guest was lolo SilverG, my dad (Scroll down the photo. See the man in purple? Yes, you’re looking at how I’d be looking 40 years from now if I were a man. 😀 ) Lolo sat in for technohub, who, AS USUAL, could not make it because the ceremony was too early (8am) and it was a hectic work day, AS USUAL.


Dear Little V,

We are all so proud of you. Know that you are special and loved for who you are. Your bright smile and cheerful voice bring so much happiness to everyone. Remember what I always tell you: when you’re big and old and already a mommy like me, it will not matter anymore if you had many medals in school. What matters is that you grow up to have strength of character and kindness in your heart. Then I will not worry about you. Then I will be sure you will do a better job than I am doing now.

12 thoughts on “VGood’s Graduation Day

  1. Hi cess! I did not scout anymore as she’s going to the same school, which is a big school na. Patch studies there too.

  2. congrats to the whole family esp to the future grade one! MC would be grade one too this sept! sempre, excited na rin buong barangay!

  3. hi Chats! long time, no hear. 🙂

    congrats to VGood for hurdling through preschool. am pretty sure she’s overly excited to go to big school! just by looking at the pics, mukhang makulit but sweet girl si Vera. post ka naman ng latest quips nya!

  4. Congratulations VGood. May you be smarter as you tackle more books and harder lessons. Your lolo is so gwapo.

    8am? Ang aga nga naman, 😀

  5. @ Raqgold: Thanks! COngrats to MC too.

    @Feng: I was just thinking of posting her latest quips, medyo nakarami nanaman sya eh. LOL

    @Julie: Medyo O.A. talaga ang school nila eh. Imagine, the graduates had to be in school at 7am. Pero I appreciate how disciplined the school is esp. when it comes to time. The ceremony started and finished on time, exacto!

    @ toni: Thank you, thank you! *aherm* hehe

  6. Congratulations to the future gradeshooler! And I so agree, character and kindness are worth more than all the medals in the universe!

  7. Hello sis, congrats to VGood. She’s so pretty mana siempre sa mommy. Sabay pala sila ni Pio mag grade 1, still thinking bet. traditional school or home schooling again…I bet VGood is looking forward to the school opening.

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