11 thoughts on “VGood’s Doodle

  1. you have a budding artist, chats. beautiful job and good choice of colors. i remember you mentioned in one of your blogs that you like black color.

  2. Belle, i was surprised too at the bold color choices! She’s an artist at heart i think. Have I mentioned in this blog what her dream career is? well, she told me she wants to be a SHOE DESIGNER when she grows up. Where in the world did she get the idea?? I was so amused!

  3. Just dropped by to wish you Happy Women’s Day!

    Re your question, the sand at Laiya, Batangas is not as fine as Boracay pero ok na din. Medyo mabato so aqua shoes would really come in handy.

  4. Rach, thanks for the info. I visited the resort’s website. 😀
    Alternati, hi there! Yes, i think her intelligence is in the arts.

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