VGood’s Abstract


During the semestral break, I let VGood practice writing her characters – “sha-di” as it is called in Chinese. She must have gotten so bored one day that, when I looked up from my PC (as usual, mom was blogging!), VGood was gone. She went off outdside – I could hear her delighted shrieks over something she found in the garden. She did leave an abstract.. err.. “sculpture”: a cabinet knob topped with her eraser, on her shau kai (writing pad). I guess it said: BORED.

5 thoughts on “VGood’s Abstract

  1. Cute story. At least a little boredom still resulted to some form of creativity. 🙂

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I certainly laughed about our ‘Danish cookies’ similar experience. *wink*

    Take care,

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