VGood Quips Again

It’s been a while since I shared some of VGood’s funny quips. Now that she is turning 7 and going to 1st grade by June, you bet her quips are wittier than ever.

The Ticket

We were driving to San Juan, where she and Patch were attending a Buddhist summer camp. Patch was interviewing me (as she always does), this time on the subject of traffic violations.

Patch: So have you ever done a traffic violation?
iMom: Ummmm… Yes of course. I beat the red light once.. Maybe twice.
Patch: So the police gave you a ticket?
VGood: Ticket? He gave you a ticket to the Dora the Explorer show??

Apparently, her mind was off somewhere. LOL. Or maybe it’s her way of telling me she wanted so badly to see the Dora show. No we did not go see it. Hindi ko gusto yung person who played Dora (isn’t she a bit too old for her character?).


VGood: Mom, can you please give me that mighty finding glass?

iMom: The whaaat??

VGood: (Getting impatient) *big sigh* That one, the mighty finding glass.

I follow the direction of her index finger. Oh, the magnifying glass! But, yes, it is a mighty finding glass in many ways too. 😛


It was kung fu and pizza night. We were watching a Chinese movie and pigging out on pizza, when, out of nowhere, she blurted out:

“Transforming our thoughts is the real wisdom.”

-as she assumed the lotus position.

iMom: Huh??

Patch: Transforming our bad thoughts into good thoughts is the real wisdom.

VGood: For example, you’re angry. You need to sit down and be quiet. And then your angry face will turn into a smiley face! *draws a smile ala-KC Concepcion in her Enervon TV ad*

iMom and technohub are stunned. Our kids are lecturing us on wisdom and stress management! Of course, they have just finished the summer camp at a Buddhist monastery. That should explain it.

9 thoughts on “VGood Quips Again

  1. haha! nakakatuwa ang mga hirits ni VGood!
    re: Dora’s latest show in Aliw, eh naku, much as we love Dora, ayaw din namin nung nag portray ng character nya. it would have been better if mascot na Dora na lang ang nasa stage. ang layo ng hitsura ni human Dora vs. the Dora in the show.

  2. i love vgood she’s so witty and so funny 🙂 i’ll give her a nice surprise if the flying rav flies the frankfurter skies..

  3. hahahaah, wisdom from our little kids. we should listen to them, am sure we’ll find the real might finding glass within us 😀

  4. @ Feng: oo nga, a mascot would have been better, hehe.

    @ Wenchie: They can actually do the lotus position ha, with both feet turned upward and out…

    @ Toni: wow! I hope Rav flies there soon then 😀

    @Raqgold: I call it innocent wisdom. they don’t even know it, but they’re teaching us a lot.

    @Kongkong: Sige, let’s arrange nga a meet-up for them! Super sociable si vgood, haha. Lahat almost bff na nya agad!

  5. The “real wisdom” quote is great — one for bringing up mom (and dad). They are so eloquent — Vg and Patchy. English speaking sila ano? Just wondering if Andeng should also be raised with an anglicized tongue. haha

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