Venus Eclipse | a winking smiley

Tonight, we in the Philippines (and perhaps the other countries we share the same nighttime sky with) saw something unusual and lovely in the early evening sky. It’s called the Venus occultation –  a Venus eclipse with the Earth’s Moon.

If somebody did not text my daughter about it, I would not have found out soon enough and taken a picture. I would, of course, find out about it sooner or later because Twitter and Facebook was full of photos similar to this one:

Venus eclipse with the Moon Venus occultation

That’s Venus almost like sitting on top of the Moon – like a one-eyed smiley. According to this site, a Venus occultation (geeky term for what you see in the pic –  a Venus eclipse) will not happen again until the dawn of August 13, 2012. So I guess we were lucky to have caught this!

.)   🙂

6 thoughts on “Venus Eclipse | a winking smiley

  1. Do you think it have some supernatural meaning? I mean if not astrologically, something not vscientific? Everyone’s curious about it.

  2. @Yuhna: I have no idea on the astrological or supernatural effects. But since all movements of heavenly bodies have astrological implications, I suppose there’s an effect… That’s if you believe in those. 🙂

    @Rach: I had to use the tripod too, since I have shaky hands. Thanks!

  3. hi there! my mom told me that the occultation of venus is a sign of an impending war, cause this scenario occured also before the iran and iraq war which lasted for almost 8 years.. The muslims also celebrates at the time of the eclipse as they believe it to be a sign of holy war… And my mom also told me that its a bad omen.. hope nothing would happen really bad.. tnx…

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