V Quips are back!

Actually, V has had a lot of bloggable quips since the school year began. But I haven’t had time to capture them in text or in photos. Finally here they are, though no photos yet.


On the way home from school one afternoon. In the background on the radio, there’s a contest being held for Supafest tickets. Give the correct answer to the question and you win tix. Question: What do you call the plastic at the ends of shoelaces?

V (in a calm voice): Aglets

Me: What?

V: Aglets. The answer is aglets.

Me: Where did you learn that?

V: From TV! I learned it from Phineas and Ferb. TV rocks!

Unfortunately, we were not fast enough to text the answer. Pffffft.


From a Filipino subject seatwork. Topic:  Pangngalang pantangi at pambalana. Panuto: Tukuyin kung ang salita ay pambalana o pantangi. Kung pantangi, isulat ang salitang pambalanang katumbas nito.

So far lahat naman okay, until…

Ateneo de Manila –> pantangi –> pandesal –> isang malaking X mula sa guro!

Me: Ano ‘to? Bakit pandesal??

V: Eh kasi it sounded like Pan de Manila eh…


Topic in English is how to use the dictionary, so she has been practicing searching for words in it. One day, she sounded… hmmm.. I dunno, parang excited or intrigued.

V: Mom, look, there’s sex in my dictionary.

Me: Oh okay, that’s a valid word.

V: I wonder what it means…

Me (Obviously going the safe way): It just means boy or girl… It’s a normal word. Nothing bad about it.

V (reads the definition aloud and comes to the word “copulation”): Anong copulation?

I scratch my head. Ano nga ba? How do I explain words like these to a nine-year-old???


I so love V for what she wrote in an English test. Instruction: Write a paragraph about what each family member does. (Emphasis mine.)

My sister, brother and I study hard so Papa and Mama are always happy. Mama buys us things and gives us what we need. Papa works hard so he can give Mama lots of money so she can buy everything we need.

Read that, Papa? Give me lots of money, okay? hahahahaha
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6 thoughts on “V Quips are back!

  1. i love it 🙂 v is soooo cute!!! i bet her teacher got a kick out of that lots of money…as a teacher i have heard soooo many funny things come out of my kids’ mouths…if only their parents knew!!!

  2. Wow, para akong nag’refresher’ sa Pilipino subject ah- with pangngalang pantangi at p. pambalana— talagang napaisip ako, was trying to recall what they meant – hehehe. proper and common nouns , di ba? Natawa ako with V’s pandesal na sagot. You must get your daily dose of funnies from your kids Chats.

  3. Ria, siguro nga the teachers are amused, kasi minsan kahit ang layo ng sagot nya sa tanong, may konting consideration points pa rin. 🙂

    Gina! Yes, everyday! I’m thankful I have a humorous kid, she really makes me smile. Nakakagaan during stressful times.

  4. Oo nga naman, Chats! Ateneo de Manila sounds like Pan de Manila kaya pandesal ang salitang pambalana ng Ateneo de Manila. If only a teacher will listen to a child’s explanation! Kids are really funny!

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