VGood is at it again.

But instead of dishing out her witty quips, she’s writing them down. Of course, her white board marker is new – she’s loving it right now. So much so, she’d rather scribble her thoughts.

The other day, I called her into the computer room so we can study together. She must have waited for quite a bit. As usual, iMom was lost in some time-warp zone called Plurkland. I suppose she whined a lot, but I wasn’t hearing her. (Plurk does this to me!)

Finally, she gave up and left me a note:

“Vera’s letter: From Vera, to mom. Mom I thought that we should aral (study). Are we gonna do it now? If not, I will sleep/watch TV!” (exclamation point in bold)


Wake Up and Smell the Soup!

Inspired by Toni T.‘s post, I decided to give the fat-burning soup a try. Lately, I have not lost weight. On the contrary, I seem to be gaining weight! This, despite my efforts to workout more regularly. Instead of popping weight loss pills (so tempting), I will start eating more healthily again.  Cut down the carbs, add the veggie soup to my diet. Read Wake Up and Smell the Soup!.

12 thoughts on “V-Notes

  1. kulit, talaga ni V. as in, aliw ako sa kanya, so imom, take note of that exclamation point!!! I noticed there’s another Toni here so binago ko screen name.. hehe.. imagine me, fat burning soup?? that would be the day!!!!

  2. Btw, I have a product very very good for losing weight. Food supplements, i-mix lang sa cold water or sa juice. I’ll discuss it with you pag free ka.

  3. hehe, napagalitan ka ulit.

    good thing you save those notes para in the future, you can show it to her when she’s older. haha

    or maybe in the future you two can plurk together. 😀

    your kids are so witty! =)

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