V and P Quips

My kids are getting wittier, their humor surprises me sometimes.

The other day, Patch must have noticed the greater time I spent offline than on:

Patch: Ma, bakit di ka na masyadong nag-cocomputer?

iMom: Ummm. Wala, pagod lang ako lately. At nakakatamad din.

Patch (wide-eyed): Who are you?? And what have you done to the Computer Addict??

Very funny! I almost fell off my chair, laughing.

On another day, I was working on my Christmas list. I thought I’d ask my kids what they wanted. That would make my life so much easier, and theirs happier. While it took a while for Patch to come up with hers, V almost instantly blabbed out her wish list.

VGood (matter-of-factly, in her sing-song voice): Gusto ko ng Baby Alive, PSP, a bike,  Ponyville Teapot Palace, and a new mom.

iMom (speechless and wide-eyed):  …

VGood: Joke lang!

iMom (still speechless and exaggeratedly wide-eyed, pretending to look hurt): …

VGood: Joke lang nga! But I really like a Baby Alive. And a bike. And the Ponyville.

This is the same V who told me not so long ago that she loves her dad more than me, and that I should not feel hurt.

I also almost fell off my chair. But I wasn’t laughing.

Should I consider retiring from mommyhood and getting a Subway franchise? Maybe I’d do better with that one. 😛

23 thoughts on “V and P Quips

  1. Hahaha. VGood has a ‘very sharp’ sense of humor. That Baby Alive is also a request of Andrea. I find it cute too. Gusto ko ng collection, haha.

  2. Hi Chats,
    Kids get smarter and smarter. And your kids has a good sense of humour nga.

    You are so good naman to be organizing your Christmas list already.

    btw, i like …

  3. Killer… ang sakit, VGood.

    Kelvin and I would often make a game of saying “I love you” to each other. But a few weeks ago he suddenly said “I don’t love you”. Then he laughed!

    Sabi ko hindi funny yun, he said sorry. I was so hurt.

    Anyway xmas list???! Ang bait mo naman 🙂
    Ako ang kelangan ko xmas money hehe

  4. Hi Chats, yan di pinabibili ni Gabbie, saw the ad na online. Kakatuwa yung doll. Kwela talaga si VGood noh. Pag humirit, mawawala pagod mo eh.

  5. Hi cess! Naku, it’s a doll that does it all – cry, feed, poop. Yung full-packed version nasa 3k+! Parang gusto kong deadmahin tong wish na to, haha. Has Dora seen it on TV?

  6. Hi Maver! Naku, sa ngayon wish ko lumaki na sila sa sobrang kulit. But I’m sure pag malaki na sila, wish ko baby na lang ulit. hehe… Happy halloween, have fun!

  7. Hi mauie! Oo nga, maka-daddy talaga ang girls ko. Ang little boy ko naman is maka-mom forevah! Naku, sanay na ako kay V sa mga hirit nyang ganyan. hehe.

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