Upgrading My PC’s Memory

Although it is still in perfect working condition, my 4-year old PC is a senior citizen by technology standards!

I realized this a few months ago when my PC broke down. I had a wonderful technician (Thanks, Annamanila!) fix it. But he suggested that I upgrade my PC memory to a bigger one, so that it can easily accommodate all my blogging paraphernalia, games, and gazzillions of photos.

So I started making calls to almost all shops with “PC” on their names. Unfortunately, I learned that my motherboard version (I forgot the geeky term they used) is on the brink of extinction. Therefore, my memory upgrade won’t be that easy.

After several calls and hearing the same thing over and over, I gave up. Maybe I will just wait for the next conk out. Hopefully, by then, I’d have saved enough to buy me a new laptop. For now, I am content with my senior-citizen PC.

(Mental note to self: Back-up your files! Back-up your files!)

7 thoughts on “Upgrading My PC’s Memory

  1. ha!ha! It is definitely time to upgrade not just the memory but the the whole PC. Senior citizen?, that’s a good name for it. My computer is only a year old and I see that its already a downlevel version. Technology updates too fast.

    btw, I tagged you here

  2. i got my pc the day i gave birth to my daughter. it’s now three years old and is also on the verge of conking out. hay, technology talaa, although i’m holding on to it for sentimental reasons, he he he

  3. chats mabuti pa nga dyan mura lang ang tech support, dito ang mahal na, super tagal pa dumating! at ang nakaka-asar, most of them are on a pay per min basis. asa telepono kayo magbobolahan until in the end, you need to pay for a home service din. grrrr.

  4. Hi all!

    Aaahh! I do probably need a new laptop. So I am saving up for it.

    I agree, Raq, at least sa Pilipinas mura lang ang services. It’s one of the ups of living in a developing country. hehe

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