Updates and Weird Things


I’ve redesigned again!

Welcome to my home’s new look. Apparently, I was bored yesterday. It actually felt good to be bored relax after 2 hectic days of preparing documents for my husband’s potential big-break (Good luck, dear!). No it’s not a recording contract… LOL…

Anyway, so I tweaked on this theme by Small Potato that I downloaded months ago. I love how easy it is on Word Press to change themes. And of course I fell in love with Filezilla again, for being such a simple and fast FTP… er… thingie… My Snap previews now work too! Now you see those cool bubble previews, don’t you? Yipee! *jumping with joy*

My Fitness Log was starting to gather cobwebs so I thought I’d update that, and decided to call it Project: FitMom. Some weighty revelations are waiting to be discovered over there. :0

Six Weird Things

I’ve been tagged by auee of Kwentong Walang Kwenta to blog about 6 weird things about moi. I hope I don’t freak out any of you, my dear blog friends, after you read this!

Here’s how the tag goes:

“Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about himself or herself. People who get tagged need to write a blog entry of their own as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to tag 6 people as well and list their names. Don’t forget to let them know they’ve been tagged!”

Brace yourselves!

1. I can will myself to burp… and burp… and burp… and burp… One of my talents that can really set my kids on non-stop laugh-mode.

2. I get those spaced-out moments. I easily get distracted. One moment I may be talking animately about something. The next moment you will find me staring and lost in my train of thought. My sister hates it when this happens.

Sis: “Tapos? Uy? Ano nangyari?”

Me: *snaps out of trance* “Huh? Ano nga ba sinasabi ko?”


3. I talk to myself. Sometimes in monologues. Sometimes in dialogues. Yes, I imagine I am talking to someone. And this someone talks back. With matching smirking, smiling, head-shaking (depending on what the topic is). I love to do this when I’m driving alone. The usual topics are bad motorists and/or pedestrians.

4. I’m OC on the road. I always make sure I’m in the middle of my own lane. I always use my signal lights, and hate it when others don’t. Oh well, this should not count as weird, but in the Philippines, I am considered atypical.

5. I monitor my odometer. At every gas filling, I set it to “zero” so then I will know how long this full tank will run… in kilometers per liter.

6. I take “mugshots” of house helpers, with matching height reference (as in I’d make her stand beside a shelf so that will give me an idea of her height). The idea actually came from my equally-weird husband, who says it is an important security measure.

There. Am I weird or am I weird?

I’m tagging Toni (of Gluehwurm), Jane, Salen, May, Belle, and Annamanila!

20 thoughts on “Updates and Weird Things

  1. I like the look of your new template. Simple, easy to read but still, with a distinct character. I can also burp and burp and burp especially after drinking Coke. Such talent we’ve got. Hehe.

  2. Hi Chats. I like your fresh look. Good luck to your hubby’s project.

    I can relate to #2. I also have those moments. At times, I would just go into deep thinking without realizing that I’m in a conversation with someone. 🙂

  3. aha, so youve been tagged too. :)your new layout is nice, malamig sa mata.
    natatawa ako sa number 1 mo. kahit di ka busog? kahit di ka uminom ng coke? pwede ka sa “banda rito banda roon.” 😀
    i read somewhere that having a dialogue with oneself is actually healthy, as long as you dont cross the line, if you know what i mean. so, ibig sabihin, your mental health is fine, provided you dont cross the line. 🙂

  4. Abaniko, I can even without Coke 😀

    Rach: Okay lang if that happens with people who know us very well and understand. But if you’ve just met that person and then you space out…. LOL

    Cess, I guess I have not crossed the line yet haha. Yup, i can do it kahit hindi busog or walang Coke! Pwede na ko mag audition? 😀

  5. Hi Mars! It’s good to know I am not alone hehe. Thanks for the compliment on my new look 🙂

  6. I get those space-out moments too. I’ve read or heard somewhere that women do tend to lose their concentration when they start having kids. 🙂

    Hi niceheart! But I used to get those spacing-out even when I was single. Weird. 😛

  7. Naku Chats, now that you’ve tagged me, I have to ask my kids what they find weird in me. Syemps, for me hindi weird but for them, oo. 🙂

    This burp-at-will thingie is new, ha? I can’t do that. Good for you that you’re OC on the road. Pero natawa ako about your taking pics of househelp beside furniture. Good idea actually, for security. My househelp have been with me for over 10 years na. What if I tell them to stand beside the ref for a picture, no? Will they think I flipped na? hehehe….

    hahaha, is it a good idea to ask the kids? the could be brutally honest y’know LOL

  8. hi chats, i will get back to that tag when i get back from camping with the kids, 3 days, 2 nights with 5 and 6 year olds 🙂 wish me luck.

    That would be fun! Good luck and enjoy! Don’t lose any kids LOL

  9. pretty pretty… easy on the eyes
    Parang deja vu, feeling ko nag-comment na ko dito.

    re: security measures
    I do that too! I take pictures of our helpers in Pinas (when we can hire one) & have asked Nanay to keep doing the same. But I don’t take their height measurement though… hmmm

    I don’t talk to myself (often) but sometimes I nod or shake my head when I’m thinking.

  10. I knew other people talked to themselves, Sis, but I thought I was boarderline schitzo for having full-on conversations with other people in my head. (Of course, it’s certainly possible that we’re both on the brink, but I prefer to look at this as validation of sanity rather than a lack thereof.) “Talk” with you sooner than you know…

  11. LOL, it brings me great comfort that I’ll have some good company in the institution, if ever i’m committed! haha

  12. your new template suits you, charming, though weird Chats. you know my daughter, whom i fondly call Chato is equally as charming, and i tend to ask–what’s in a name? i know of another Chato who is the same.

    yes, your ka-OC han is a ka-weirdo han (LOL

  13. You being OC on the road is definitely so not like being a Pinoy driver. Pero dito, those things are a must.

    So you have a mulitple personality pala ha? lol

  14. Hi Chats! Just posted my blog entry in answer to your 6 weird thingies. Lahat talaga tayo may ka-weirdohan, hehehe. Which then — makes us all NORMAL.

  15. Weird!! Love #1!! My kids would love me more if I could do this. #3 parang “me, myself, and I” yan ah. Sure ka bang nag-iisa ka? 🙂

    I do that too yun emptying the gas tank then setting the odometer to zero. My dad taught me this. Guess my dad was weird too.

  16. See I havent even congratulated you for your new template. Bravo, kudogs, congrats, way to go. You’re a-ok.

    I like your weirdness and I think i proved into some of them in my Qs. Did I ask you regarding your best burp record? haha … or i might have deleted that Qs. Hay naku… pasensya na my friend. Looking forward your answers.

  17. kudogs should have been KUDOS. and proved should have been PROBED. sorry sorry

    LOL, looks like all the interview Qs are taking toll on you! haha Relax na, tapos na… i think? Thanks for the Qs.. Hope to see you soon again 🙂

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