Update on the Cebu Pacific online booking glitch

Back in early November, I experienced a Cebu Pacific online booking gltich. I got triple bookings on the same travel date (is that even possible???) with Cebu Pacific because of errors that occurred during the online transaction. I checked with my credit card provider, Citibank, and the charges were reflected indeed, though still floating at that time. (Full details of my story here and here.)

Anyway, I am glad that the problem has been resolved. But largely because I took active steps. Cebu Pacific did very little to resolve the problem.

First I called Citibank to verify the status of the charges.

Next I called up Cebu Pacific’s customer service hotline. This is the challenging part, because it could get really difficult to get through. On top of the long waiting and repeated attempts to finally get through, talking to the call center agents (CCA) is soooooo exasperating. One one hand, I wished they had more common sense; on the other, I knew they could only do/say so much.

This one step alone (of calling the hotline) will test your commitment to be righted.

During the first conversation with CEB’s CCA, I was told to follow up after a week. So follow up I did. Of course, I was once again told to follow up after another week!

But hey, hey, I did not let that get me down.

I called up Citibank again to find out what I can do. I was planning that, if Citibank gives me crap too, I’d have my card discontinued.

But I was glad that I did not have to play along those lines. Citibank gave me a temporary credit for the two repeat charges by CEB –  the charges were reversed temporarily. Because the credit was only good for one week, Citibank advised me to file a Dispute Report against CEB. This way, Citibank will have a record of the dispute and a basis for permanent reversal.

Why, tenacity and common sense worked! In my December Citibank billing, the charges were reversed. Two happy thumbs up for Citibank!!

I’ve been warned by others who have been victims of CEB’s sucky billing system that it would take a year to get a refund. My thoughts were that if my payment doesn’t get to CEB, then there would be no need for a refund, right? And that if I stopped the payment from reaching CEB, then I’d be okay, right?

That’s why I opted to speak with Citibank and explore solutions with them.

So next time you encounter the same problem as I did, go to your bank. You are your bank’s client. It will protect your interest, more so if you have good standing with it.

As for Cebu Pacific – no, never again. The discounted fares are tempting, but not worth enough the hassle and waste of time of trying to call your hotline. Do you have any bad experiences with Cebu Pacific online booking?


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    I was one of the victims of the above captioned airline services. I got a bad Holiday experienced with Cebu Pacific flights Services, A huge of people on Vacation Last December 2009, My flight was 10:00 AM bound for Cotabato, I arrived at the airport before 8:00 AM & already in line outside, There are only two lane for two X-Ray Machines located at the entrance of the building Terminal 3 Manila Philippines, I cant get in due to volume of people in the lines & nobody is announcing to inform or give priority to enter for those who have earlier flights, they must give considerations for earlier flights to get in at the entrance to avoid staying an hours at the outside following the rows of lines. I talked around five or more persons with different destinations & the same problems encountered, we waited long to come in to the building & when we reached inside the Check in area they forfeited our ticket (no refundable) for they said we were late. I was in at 9:28 Am & when I handed to the Check in clerk in the counter to ask for some assistance to do something, they quite very slow to give an answer… Its 13 minutes to consider to check in & just a meter away from the entrance to check in & another line to follow. So three lines before the check in counter. I was weeping like a pity child they just pretty ignored such things & the SANTA CLERKS felt just nothing happens. This employee who are wearing Santa Claus hat didn’t entertain well except saying “your ticket has been forfeited we can’t do nothing! A guy wearing Santa Claus hat at the counter put aside my ticket & entertains someone. I just don’t know why they accepted a huge of passengers and the fact they can’t afford to accommodate all, on the other hand I was forced to buy a ticket bound for Davao 3 times higher than the regular price. I have known too that they are over charging the excess luggage. We wanted to call the attention of the Media but not my luck my phone was dropped & my other cp was lowbat. & the time is too short the next flight will be 11:00 AM via Davao. I got only 10 days vacation for my Angels & now I’m back to office here Abroad & could sit to talk about the Tragedy in Cebu Pacific Services…I was so upset & got a trauma I felt sick, even in my dreams I felt I was left by the Plane. If there are crews or attendant outside to remind about the cancellation of our tickets & to the people concern at the entrance side, to the outside lines this things might not happen, blames for the poor services of Cebu Pacific crew their negligence especially those who are assigned in the X ray machines including the guard & one lady guard who told me “you are not late fix your wine inside your luggage” … Stop your rotten style CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINES SANTA CLERKS unfriendly Monster Santa. Not even the Lady Manager could give a good answer….I just don’t know if the Management were alarmed of this kind of treat towards their customer, it might happen again & don’t want to repeat the same story. If they knew the meaning of Christmas they must be wearing Santa Claus attire with warm welcome to clients but then their hearts are so rotten! …I was stranded many times in Cebu Pacific not an hour but 2 to three hours more; it’s a matter of minutes…. I guess they sold my ticket ….its only money matter & its nothing for me my concern is how can you Improve your Services & treat towards your clients especially to OFW. I really don’t recommend Cebu Pacific for airway, if anyone goes for vacation during December because they took advantage. I can rank them the lowest score of services. I could post proofs in the You tube or in blogs as a proof that this was real happened Cebu Pacific Services, I don’t want this things would happen again in the near future May we please call the attention of Mayor Duterte of Davao City, Governor Pinol of Cotabato please help us poor people paying such expensive ticket in this Airlines but we are not satisfied with their services. If these things wont be solve then I can say CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINES SANTA CLERKS HAS THE ROTTEN SHIT SERVICES IN THE WORLD? & with UNFRIENDLY MONSTERS EMPLOYEES! Are you happy to read this lines? Of course no one would ever want but nobody wants to pay another plane ticket for nothing because not all could afford to have it. I was so lucky because I am OFW worker & got a little dollar on my pocket! What if it will happen to your love ones who had just enough money to travel…As an OFW no one could pay me a millions of dollars in replace for my 10 days vacations with my two beautiful Angels, not even Cebu Pacific could pay how I valued to be with my family. I hope those whom I talked ( CEBU PACIFIC EMPLOYEES LAST DEC 2009) would feel too how much important to be with longing kids for long years haven’t seen…be knowledgeable the real meaning of Christmas! before wearing Santa Claus Attire please don’t make Santa Claus as a funny outside attraction! Your comments are accepted always… God Bless!

  2. I am so disgusted at Cebu Pacific upon reading Rona’s comments. I was going to make reservations with them on my future flight to Catanduanes but I changed my mind for good. I’ve never heard of such screwing of poor fellow filipinos. Not here in the USA. The least they could have done was refund the money to her with a 10% penalty. This ought to be reported to the Federal Aviation Commission.

  3. congratulations chats 🙂 good thinking :)and I read Rona’s experience.. that’s really very bad service 🙁 so no cebu paficic for me next time we go to the philippines -definitely!

  4. Indeed, that was terrible. You would think 2 hours is enough time to check-in and despite that being the holidays, I think if they had managed it better, things could have turned out more positively. I remember once I got to the airport only 45 minutes before my flight with PAL because I had overslept and I was prepared to miss it already but when I told the guards my flight time, they allowed me a quick entry to the airport so I made it to the counter with barely 5 minutes to spare before the counter closed. Oh, and this was during the New Years rush too, so there were LOTS of people.

  5. this is my complaint letter to cebu pacific but i wasnt able to send it due to “database error”. i would like to know if you have other means to file complaints aside from this and the one on their site.

    To whom it may concern:

    I am a first time passenger of Cebu Pacific Air and i must say that i am EXTREMELY dissapointed with the way you’re handling customers. I, together with 2 more friends booked a flight from bangkok to bangkok on Feb 16,2010 with confirmation number P12RRB, and had already paid for it since last october 2009. then, on the night of our flight (feb 16 2010), we got held up before we checked in because your system showed that we supposedly had 10 000 outstanding balance and we had to pay for it. we didnt know what it was for but your system showed that it was because we had a “name change.” now i would clear that that name change was made when we called up your hotline to tell you that there should be a space added to the name of one of my companions.the call center agent didnt tell us about any fee that we had to pay for that name change (later we found out that they werent supposed to charge us anything since we booked our flight last year and adding a space to a neme doesnt amount to name change) so the groundholders in clark called up your hotline and we were put on hold for quite some time UNTIL THE PLANE HAS BOARDED. the groundholders offered no sympathy nor any suggestions abt what to do since we were VERY SURE THAT WE DID NOT HAVE ANY OUTSTANDING BALANCE. we decided to go home (since it was already 10pm, good thing our house was just minutes away. imagine if we booked our flight in manila!!) since we felt that they arent keen on helping us with our plight. on our way home, we called up again only to find out that we really did not have any outstanding balance!the call center agent said that we should go back to the airport and inform the cebu pacific groundholders about this and thy will be the ones who will make arrangements and book our next flight. but when we tried, the security said that their office is already closed (we werent sure if they were REALLY closed since we werent allowed to get in anymore) we tried calling again to express our grievances and demand that they’ll be the one to arrange that we get the next flight since we already booked the hotel in bangkok. they said that they will call us early in the morning but no one did. the following morning (feb17) we called again for about 10 times and the response was always the same. to not waste any time, we sought help to the officers of CLark Airport and finally, the groundholder (but not the same one that we encountered the night before) was able to book us for a flight from manila to bangkok on that night, feb 17.
    now i demand that we get compensation for the time we lost and that you pay us 2500 Baht for the hotel that we stayed in because the first one that we booked was canceled since we did not show up on time.
    I expect to hear from you ASAP.

  6. Hi Sheena! I’m sorry to hear your plight. Tsk tsk…
    Though the charges for our two other flights were reversed, I am having doubts now. Baka when we get to the check-in counters, my husb and I will be surprised with something like what happened to your group.

    I also do not know where to get help, but I hope by publishing your comment somehow someone will pick it up and bring it to the proper authorities.

    Really, if anyone just does his/her Google homework, NO ONE will ever fly Cebu Pacific!

  7. Hi Jam. Nope I never flew CEB again, no matter how cheap their flights are. I’d rather go PAL or Air Asia. Oh, and I fly for free at CX btw.

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