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I’m just peeking at my blog. The past several days have been really busy. Second-quarter exams for the kids are coming up next week, and the Chinese tests were early this week. The kids, especially VGood, have some catching up to do in Filipino and Sibika subjects. Yep, her quizzes were quite low (with a few in the red).

This morning, Patch and I had to wake up very early (before 5 a.m.) to study for a Sibika test. Last night:

Patch: We have a seatwork inΒ  Sibika tomorrow.

iMom (shrieks): Huwaat?? Next week’s the exams already. Aren’t quizzes supposedly not allowed this week? Di ba dapat nagrereview na lang kayo?

Patch shrugs her shoulders: Hmm…

iMom: It’s almost 9 PM. Let’s wake up early tomorrow instead to study.

This teacher wants to cram so much lessons in one quarter, or maybe she was just slow. Blech.


Last week, Patch fell down 4 steps in school. I got a frantic call from technohub, who said Patch was injured and her foot was bleeding. I was in the middle of a friend’sΒ  birthday lunch…

Hub: Nahulog si Patch sa school, nasugat daw ang paa. Tumawag ang clinic. Sunduin mo na daw.

iMom (imagining all sorts of scenarios): Huhh??? May dugo?

Hub: Oo daw. Puntahan mo na, ngayon na.

I called up the school. I spoke to the admin assistant (the nurse was apparently away).

Yes, Patch fell down the stairs. Yes, she was skipping steps and her shoelaces were untied. No, there isn’t any blood. Yes, her ankle is on cold compress now. Yes, it’s elevated. No, she isn’t crying anymore.

I was relieved to hear those from the very nice admin assistant. In fairness, the whole school was so empathic and helpful. They even allowed my car to go inside the campus to get Patch from the clinic. They even carried Patch on a chair out of the clinic! πŸ˜› (Sige na nga, I love JCA na!)


Argh. I’ve got to go get the kids. The skies are thundering and dark-gray. Any moment now the rains are going to fall down really heavy as in the past days. I wouldn’t want to get caught in traffic.

So, enough of my inanities. I’m tired, really. But I could just imagine how tired hub is. There’s so much work to do at his office. I wonder if he needs to get a cpm (corporate performance management) program. Ho-hum.



I’m keeping this blog titled “Untitled”. That’s how tired my mind is.

10 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Hi Cess! PAtch’s ankle is better now –  a bit swollen pa but less painful na… Sana matapos na ang exams. I wanna rest na. Sana we can go out na soon. πŸ™‚

  2. hello!! hope Patch will be feeling well na. ako rin sumasakit ang ulo sa exams ng mga kids. sa OB Montessori they have long test week and a quarter exam week. 2 weeks in a row yan. and my son’s halloween costume pa for the parade…hay naku!!

  3. One of those “mommy days” ha? And we met for dinner that night? Or was it the next night? You looked cool, i-mom. You must have learned some TM.

    Dami talagang minor emergencies when you have growing children. Para lang mas prone ng konti si Patch and siblings.

    Soon, this stage will be behind you. Enter the next. πŸ™‚

    Mommyhood is such an amazing adventure, ha?

  4. Am sure nataranta ang Mommy dito. Baka lumipad ka na papuntang school. Hope she’s ok by now. Pareho pala tayo, exams na din next week. Yung mastery tests this week, puro ang baba ng score nila, kasi daw si Mama plurk ng plurk…

  5. Hi Arny! Thanks for the blog-visit. Crunch time talaga pag exam season. The exams are two weeks in a row at OB?Wow, it must be hard – pati sa parents haha. Battlecry natin: this too shall pass! πŸ˜€

  6. Hi annamanila! Yes we met for dinner that night… Was I cool? hehe, sanay na. Sa dalas ba naman ng accidents eh… No, I haven’t really delved into TM yet. Still trying to scratch the surface… In fact, it seems it’s been weeks since i last meditated. :-O

    I don’t know if I will embrace the next stage and let this one go… Pahirap ng pahirap, AM.



  7. Hi Wench! It took a while before I got to the school kasi medyo matraffic. Buti nalang very nice talaga ang staff ng school. Good luck sa tests ng kiddos natin… After the exams, mag unwind naman tayo please!

  8. Nagsabay-sabay pala tayo ng stresses no? Till now I can feel my shoulder tightening due to stress, Tania has fever and wouldn’t want to eat anything πŸ™

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