Two Movies in a Week

That’s right! It seems this movie-loving mom has been deprived of cinema trips for too long.

Movie No. 1 – I am not particularly proud to announce I that I went to see it. It was the fault of my gym buddies. They were bored. They wanted to see a movie instead of working out. They wanted to relax and unwind. They, however, did not find Iron Man (which is the only other movie showing last week at Greenhills) appropriate for 3 moms wishing for some relaxed moments. So, the only other option really was, ulk, When Love Begins. *Altogether now: “Eeeeewwww!”*

The story is okay – nothing spectacular to rave about (except Aga, who remains such a cutie!). It is still the girl-meets-boy-they-fall-in-love-but kind of thing, given a few twists. At least the three of us left the cinema laughing and joking. One of my friends is happily separated, and we were joking her to go to Boracay. She just might find her Aga there! 😛

Movie No. 2 – my family has been looking forward to watching it. But we have been too busy getting sick, husband too busy working, that we almost missed it.

The Forbidden Kingdom

The Forbidden Kingdom stars two of my family’s favorite actors – Jacky Chan (because, in the eyes of my kids, he looks like their dad, LOLOLOLZ) and Jet Li. That it was a kung fu movie also excited my kids and my not-so-little kid (a.k.a. technohub). The moves and stunts were finely executed, as can be expected from these two great stars. VGood was so engrossed with the movie. It was fun too see her wide-eyed amazement and hear her gleeful wheeee! The kids came home doing flying kicks and conjuring fire balls. :0

We watched at SM North Edsa The Block. I wanted to watch at Trinoma because of Tater’s cheese popcorn. My husband wanted to watch at The Block because there’s no crowd there on weekend nights anymore and parking is wide open. Everyone’s at Trinoma these days. Okay, fine, I concede. We bought the movie tickets and proceeded to buy some munch. At the popcorn counter, we found out there’s no cheese popcorn.

iMom: Whhaaa? No cheese?? You ran out?

Popcorn girl: No ma’am, we really don’t offer it.

Das crazy! So we went all over SM looking for cheese popcorn. We found the last 4 bags of cheese popcorn at the Holy Kettle Corn kiosk down at the food court of the main building. It wasn’t the cheesy cheese popcorn we all craved for, but it was better than nothing. Oh, for the love of cheese popcorn!

12 thoughts on “Two Movies in a Week

  1. You didn’t get from Chef Tony which was near the escalators?

    I love the caramel popcorn and they have that parmesan cheese flavored ones 🙂

  2. Hi Julie!

    Oh right! I forgot to check Chef Tony… Now that you reminded me, i knew they had parmersan flavored popcorn. Next time.

  3. i love cheese popcorn too. movies aren’t complete without a bucket of cheese popcorn! paperoo is usually just around the corner so we get a huge one there.

  4. good thing you didn’t miss the movie because of the cheese popcorn chase 🙂 i love jacky chan too 🙂 he’s so funny

  5. hi chats.
    i am with you on the quest for cheese popcorn.
    sometimes when something gets in your head, mahirap talagang makalimutan.
    belated happy birthday to Nicole too.

  6. @Cess: I was looking for that Poperoo kiosk (near National) but it wasn’t there anymore.

    @Toni: We always watch the last screening, so we have time to shop around. In this case, we had time to search for popcorn!

    @Chesca: LOL, i’m sometimes confused too, esp with mom bloggers, because they have so much in common!

  7. haha! nakakatuwa naman ang: *Altogether now: “Eeeeewwww!”* with all honestly, I love Aga and his movies since way back (bagets!). the last that I saw was the one with Maricel and Angelica. manonood ako nito, promise, kahit hilahin ko sapilitan Hubby ko papasok ng cinema. LOLz.

  8. Hi feng! Actually, ako din, basta may Aga okay lang. I also went to see his movie with Angelica and Maricel, Which is the last Pinoy movie I saw before When Love Begins… hehe
    Confessional na rin lang ito. Sige, confess ko na. Aside from Aga, fan din ako ni sharon Cuneta. LOLz. True!

  9. Hi Chats. We enjoyed watching Forbidden Kingdom too. After the movie, nagku-kungfu na din si Yohan. Ha ha!

    Yohan likes cheese popcorn, my hubby likes BBQ, I like mine with butter. So more often than not, we order 3 kinds of popcorn.

  10. I am on catch up mode again with the movies I want to watch. Anyway, last time we watched Miley’s concert at The Block, hubby was not able to buy our popcorn because of the loooong line. He opted for Chef Tony’s at the second level. Weird lang, all along I thought it was barbecue flavor. Cheese pala.

  11. So busy getting sick ha. hahaha If only sense of humor can save us from illness, then you should be immune.

    Wow, such devotion to cheese-flavored popcorn!

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