Two Birthdays In A Row and A Granted Wish

VGood’s and MagNate’s birthdays are only a week apart. In the past two years, we’ve been celebrating the double birthdays with out-of-town trips. Incidentally, both were at Subic (well yes, it’s one of our fave places).

This year, due to time and budget constraints, their birthdays were celebrated simply with the ceremonial birthday candle blowing and a family dinner.

Nate turned 3, while V is now 8.

Thanks to the gift certificates that I won from a blog-writing contest by Red Ribbon, I was able to save on the two kids’ cakes! Yay!

We loved Nate’s animal-designed cake. BUT- next time I’m only ordering white-icing cakes. No more food-colored icings. Why, you ask? Because the color not only gets all over the mouth, teeth and lips, but also turns up *somewhere at the rear-end* after 8 hours or so. (I know! We were all grossed out and laughing at the same time! “Eeek, my poop is blue-green!” “So is mine!!” “Bwahahaha!”)

Birthday celebrations, no matter how simply done, always delight my kids. And it warms my heart that they are happy even with such simple things. In a complicated and materialistic world, it’s good to raise happy and simplicity-loving kids.

Oh, V did get her birthday wish! I did not know it has been her wish since that summer day in Baguio when she tossed a coin into a wishing well… So imagine how happy she was when Hub and I gave her that which she wished for on her birthday. 🙂 Wishes do come true.

What was that wish? Will blog about it later. (Haven’t been able to take a pic of it eh, hehe). 😉


And again I say – I’m glad to be a SAHM. No managerial or administrative careers could ever replace the feeling of satisfaction when you see your kids growing up to be happy and satisfied persons. Oh yeah, I’m being smug again. Phhhbt! 😛

10 thoughts on “Two Birthdays In A Row and A Granted Wish

  1. that’s really sweet 🙂 you are raising those kids wonderfully 🙂 happy birthday to VGood and Magnate 😉 i also like the giraffe cakes 🙂 but well at least the colouring went out and didn’t stay in your digestive system 😉

  2. Ang sasarap ng cake ha! And look at those smiles! Happy moments talaga. And it’s great you document them! Sarap balik-balikan in years to come. Happy birthday (belated) to your kiddos!

  3. ano kaya yung wish ni V?  i’m sure she’s really glad that she got her wish.  i can imagine nate going ballistic over his colorful poop..hahaha 😀 

  4. ako rin i am happy to be a sahm. its hard work but the fulfillment is endless. what kaya the wish of V?? nakakatense yan ha!! happy bday to Vgood and MagNate!!

  5. V and my daughter are same age pala.   She is so pretty.
    Belated birthay greetings to V and Nate.  The cake design is really pretty

  6. my pamankins are so cute! looks like they really had a great time.. thank you Red ribbon =)) so sis what’s the wish granted for V??

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