Turn off the lights on March 27 – Earth Hour 2010

Last year, the Philippines topped among all countries who joined the Earth Hour 2009, with over 15 million Filipinos from 650 cities and towns turning off the lights for one hour.

We reportedly saved about 611 megawatt-hours, the equivalent of ‘shutting down a dozen coal-fired power plants for 60 minutes’, according to a local officer of World Wildlife Fund (WWF). That’s a lot of power conserved!

In my home, we switched off the lights, the TV, the airconditioner for as long as we could beyond 60 minutes! My kids and I talked about environmental stuff, which they really enjoy especially when the topic is on endangered species and melting ice caps.

The overwhelming reponse was largely due to heavy campaigns both online and off. I remember seeing ‘Earth Hour 60’ tarps and banners all over Metro Manila. Online, the campaign was even more intense – bloggers blogged and SNS-ers tweeted/plurked about it.

This year, it seems a bit different. Earth Hour is in just a little over a month, but I have only seen a handful blog posts about it. I’ve yet to see a ’60’ tarp in the metro.

This is understandable, because it’s also the campaign period for the May elections. And that’s where everyone is focused.

But I hope we can do our own little thing. Help spread the word about this year’s Earth Hour –

Turn off the lights on March 27, 2010 at 8:30 P.M.

After all, this Earth is the only home we’ve got. Sixty minutes in darkness isn’t too much to ask.

Sign up at EarthHour.org and spread the word!


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