Trick or Treat ’06

“Trick or Treat, smell my feet,

Give me something good to eat!”

-from Trina, my childhood friend who grew up in the U.S. 🙂

On Halloween, my kids and their cousins went Trick or Treatin’ around our village. VGood was a fairy princess. Her wings are a project I did with them. Patch did the design, I executed her design, and VGood, errr… bossed around to make sure we did a good job! 😛

Patch was a gypsy girl. I got this idea from FamilyFun. It was a quick get-up, and most items were stuff I already had in my closet. This is my tiger-rific honey Magnate!!! So, does he look like a girl wearing that headband? This was his first Trick or Treat so I was excited. At first I was carrying him in his sling, but he became sleepy so he did not finish the whole round. I brought him home instead.

And this is ME!!! Scary huh??? My niece and I had a blast scaring the other Trick or Treaters by sneaking up on them, LOL! It was a chance for me to be really naughty while unrecognizable! 😛

One thought on “Trick or Treat ’06

  1. Freakin scary mask girl! Haha!

    Loved the outfits. Brent was a pumpkin who my friend called a jaundiced eggplant. Grrr …

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