Tribute to My Roots

The other night, I learned that another lola passed away. Lola Inay was 94. Lola Inay lived a full life, and was dearly loved by her children and grandchildren. She loved celebrating her birthdays. Year after year, she would have a party, with the trademark lechon and waltzing with her friends.


I realized that very few of the old generation are left. I’d like to pay tribute to them and to those who went ahead by writing this entry – an eternal tribute that many generations will be able to read long after I am gone. So they will know that I am who I am because of my Roots.


Lolo Rosendo “Indong” M. G.

Traits I inherited:
Sharp, mestiza traits;
love for nature (I wanted to be a forester like him,
but my high school friends laughed at me!);
my O.C. side;when I am angry and shout with a booming voice,
I realize I am so much like him.

Quotable Quotes (aside from the trademark expletives “B.S.” and “”):
“When you want something done your way, do it yourself.” ;P

My fondest memories:
a. How he would prepare for our summer vacations with him and lola in the province –
he’d fatten up a pig, buy dozens of broiler chicks to be fattened up as well,
order cases of Coke, make kamote ice cream,
stock up on Alaska milk and Ovaltine.
b. One hot summer night in the late 80s (lola was already gone), I could not sleep so I went out to the balcon to catch some cool breeze. Lolo was there too,
sitting in the dark on his fave orange lounge chair, legs crossed the usual way.
He was queit – must have been reminiscing – so I sat on the other chair across him.
Then he started telling about life during WW1, that as a young boy of 16 he was already
teaching kids the
Grimm Brothers fairy tales.
He told me how he and lola met, and how they ended up with each other.
He told of of the American times in
Baguio – that people came to know him as Mr. G,
thus our family name was Americanized.
He even told of some misadventures with a certain lady while planting trees in the
Mountain Trail. He kept talking, sometimes pausing and laughing softly to himself
(must be a memory too precious to share).
The image of Lolo sitting in the dark, with legs crossed, leaning his forehead on his hand as his elbow rested on the chair’s arm is still so vivid in my mind.
We talked until around midnight.
That was the time he told me the quotable quote above.


Lola Gregoria “Oria” C. G.

Traits I inherited:
My pear-shaped body; my green mind (sometimes lang po!);
my carefree, fun-loving side.

Best advice I should have followed (at least for the first 3 parts!):
Become a nurse, go the the US, get rich, marry an American with -bleeeeep- (censored!)

My fondest memories:
a. Everytime she brought me along to the market, she bought me ‘pop rice’ as she called it.
b. I did not like veggies much as a child, but I remember liking her
black bean stew with huge chunks of fatty pork;
c. I remember when she was vacationing in Baguio one time, and she really did not like
the cold weather. Everyday she would ask me and a cousin to sit with her by the roadside
in front of the
old house to wait for a bus that would bring her to the province.
At this time she was starting to go senile. We would just play along with her, knowing that
no buses would ever come by to take her straight to the province!
When she sees a vehicle approaching, Lola would ask us to read the karatula.
Ucab. Binga. Pinget. Lola would giggle foolishly like a little girl and say in Ilocano “What vulgar names for places!” She was a funny little lady.


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  2. Sis…. you should post this in the bangir, too! I am wondering y so quiet ngay???? Idiay bangir????
    Take care sis…. kiss Lola Inay for me!

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