Top 10 Diet Pills?

There’s a website that actually reviews diet pills and rates them accordingly.

The site apparently reviewed 200 slimming pills and rated them based on value, quality of ingredients, customer feedback, and safety, among other parameters. The top-rated slimming pill is Orovo, invented accidentally by a housewife who started eating 10 super-foods to reduce her wrinkles. But surprisingly, she lost not the wrinkles, but a few pounds. Wonderful accident, eh?

How did my ex-favorite slimming pill phentermine fare in the rating? It’s not even rated. I think it is because phentermine has serious issues on side effects. After giving birth to VGood 7 years ago, I started using phentermine. I lost 15 pounds in two months, if I remember right. But the side effects – dryness of mouth, palpitation, shaky hands, inability to sleep –  were all too much for me so I eventually had to stop.  When I stopped, the 15 pounds came back, along with a few more!

Using Phentermine no prescription is not advisable, especially if you have medical issues such as concurrent intake of prescription meds, hypertension, glaucoma and cardiovascular disease. Before taking any slimming pill, always consult your physician.

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