Tools for Simple Abundance

Friday was Vgood and Patchy’s school anniversary so it wasn’t very hectic for me and the girls. After a few errands for my hubby and on the way home, Patchy and I decided to drop by Papemelroti, a quaint little shop that sells really nice stationery and lots of other wonderful stuff.
I love the country-home feeling of Papemelroti shops. I was hunting for a journal, a scrapbook, and a calendar (Yes, I procrastinated long enough for NationalBookstore to run out of the good ones! Hmm, now that I looked up its website, I see that calendars are on sale! *sigh* oh well!).

I was out in search for a nice journal and a scrapbook/sketchbook because the Simple Abundance book required these tools. I’ve started writing a Gratitude Journal (for the nth time!), where I’d list at least five things I am thankful for each day. Doing this daily exercise has helped me see things in brighter perspective- life isn’t that bad after all! And oh, how much I have taken for granted the ordinary things. Such as being able to pay the bills on time. Such as having a trusty old car (it’s old, but it’s trusty!). Such as having good web connection. Such as having a lovable family. I am blessed, and everyday I’m now able to remind myself that.

The sketchbook is for my Illustrated Journal. I haven’t started on this yet, but I am looking forward to doing it. Other tools for the Illustrated Journal are colorful magazines, lots of pens, scissors and glue. I am to make a collage of things I love, aspire, hold dear, and wish for. One of the main goals for going the Simple Abundance path is to find your authentic self. With the Illustrated Journal, I’m going to discover my true preferences, uninfluenced by anyone or anything but just me.

Tools of Simple Abundance

The hot pink spiral notebook above is my Daily Dialogue Journal. It’s where I literally talk to myself, debate if I must. My first entry had to do with a biatchy episode I had. After ranting in the journal and re-reading my entry the morning after, I felt good! And my mind refocused. It actually works… I might be using this DD Journal more often… hehe *winks*

On Authenticity:
“To know what you prefer, instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to keep your soul alive.” (Robert Louis Stevenson)

9 thoughts on “Tools for Simple Abundance

  1. I love going to Papemelroti too. There are so many nice and creative things to get there.

    Before my husband and I got married, we both kept separate Gratitude Journals. When we got married, we presented it to each other. It’s a pity we weren’t able to continue it after we got married. We just became too busy and somehow forgot about it.

    Good luck with all those worthwhile projects.

  2. Count me in as a Papemelroti lover 🙂 I used to buy all these lovely notebooks pero nakakahinayang sulatan! So now I stick to Corona and Blue Feather 😀

  3. The love for Papemelroti spans many years that started in high school more than 15 years ago! back then, there was no text messaging or emails. So we had use for good stationery. 🙂

  4. I love Papemelroti too.. wish I can go there now so I can buy some stuff too. Goodluck with the journal. I used to do a lot of journaling too but I am too lazy now. I try to do a travel journal when we are on holiday but sometimes I get too tired to jot down the places we’ve been to after a long day of being a tourist I end up just collecting receipts, tickets, napkins and brochures inserted into it. Haha.

  5. Hey, Chats!

    I wish I were as creative as you when it comes to things like this. Several years ago my (soon-to-be-ex) sister-in-law suggested that I keep a journal of my travel experiences, and, for the first few trips to Europe, I was very good at keeping up with the writing. I began a second volume when I returned to Italy in 2001, but since then, I’ve been very lazy and/or tired to capture my thoughts on paper. When I re-read the things I wrote during those first few trips, I just have to smile, because the entries capture what I thought was the most important thing in life…just living life every day to its fullest. Too bad I never wrote journal entries during my visits there…perhaps I was too happy to spend that time with family! 🙂

    Now I know what to get for you the next time I manage to find myself in Florence, Italy… 🙂

  6. Toni, I remember we used to write on Papemelroti stationery to write to each other, hahaha. Remember?! What do you want from the store? Makabawi naman ako sa atraso ko sa yo kahit papano, ateng.

  7. Hi Tifo! It would be nice and interesting if you started a travel blog on your next destination. You take great photos and I enjoy reading your posts in the bangir.

    Hmmm.. You got me thinking and googling up what’s in Florence, hehehe.
    Soon to be-ex SIL? Rav mentioned it to me in passing… So it’s EGP’s wife? Too bad they couldn’t work it out. 🙁

  8. I’ll have to remember to bring my journal on my next trip “home”. There are so many experiences that I wish I had recorded when I was there (to go along with the pictures, of course). The sizzling sisig story is one that stands out in my mind…this finicky eater didn’t know what he was getting into when you took care of me at that club!

    Yeah, there was only one SIL in this family…I guess the upside is that I might be able to convince brother EGP to come with me on my next trip there…it’s been over 25 years (I think that’s enough time, right?)…

  9. Wow Tifos, yeah, it’s been a long while since ’81 huh? When exactly do you plan to come? I hope EGP comes along with you. Did you honestly like the sisig, i mean even after you found out what is was of? coz there’s frozen sisig here and I can send some to you through the flying Rav. 😀

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