Today’s Dose of V-Quips

Today, on the way home from school. My favorite Dave Matthews Band CD is playing in the car stereo.

VGood: Who’s that singing, Ma? What’s his name?

Me: Dave Matthews

VGood: I like his voice. Handsome ba siya?

Me: Uhmmm… Yes, he is gwapo.

VGood: He’s hot.

Me: ??? (toink)

VGood: (explains herself) Hot means gwapo!

She seems to have had an overdose of Hannah Montana, iCarly, and Naked Brother’s Band during summer.


Tonight, while changing into her pajamas after taking a bath.

VGood: Ma, why do girls have to wear panty?

Me: ??? (toink)


8 thoughts on “Today’s Dose of V-Quips

  1. Oh my, pano kaya sa kin, eh boy ang baby ko… mas weird ang mga questions nyan (have to find a new daddy before that happens hehehe)

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