I haven’t written any posts during the weekend. That’s because I’ve been busy painting walls, cleaning up, checking out new furniture, arranging and rearranging them as they arrive.

No, we have not moved into a new home, as in tangible-new-roof- over-our-heads new home (how I wish though). I’m talking about my new home, imomonline.net. I’ve been busy reading Codex and trying out new things with this theme (…well, apart from being busy at the G-Y-M! But that’s for another post 😀 ). Though I’m still feeling my way around here, I’ve learned to do a few tricks.

First of, getting FileZilla, which truly made my life easier. It’s a free FTP (file transfer protocol) client for Windows that’s so easy to use. Through FileZilla, I’m able to upload files into my site in a snap. Getting it was the first step that enabled me to change my theme.

When I first moved here, I had no idea what to do. So getting an FTP client that works fast, and consequently discovering how easy it was to change themes, really got me excited that I went on to explore other possibilities through Codex. Codex is like every WordPress blogger’s Bible or Koran – it’s the Manual for WP Blog Life, covering all topics from the basics to the more advanced tricks.

If you’ve noticed, my URL now comes with an image. Look closer – it’s my mom-&-nate avatar! It’s called a favicon. I’ve always wondered how it was done. Back in Blogger, I was able to create my favicon, but wasn’t able to hack it into my template. I finally got it on WordPress – not that hard at all. Here’s how.

WordPress comes with another wonderful feature – the ability to add plugins into your blog. This offers endless possibilities and high flexibility for a blog, since one can add as many plugins with specific functions as she likes. The sidebar widget plugin from Automattic has made editing my sidebar a whole lot easier. It works quite similarly as the sidebar widget in the New Blogger.

But there’s a lot more to do… More days reading and tinkering ahead.

All these new learnings are good. When I began “studying” Codex, my husband would see my eyebrows furrow and my face twitch in confusion. He’d ask what was wrong, and I’d say something about not understanding where to place some HTML code or generating an error with something I inserted into the template. He’d comment with a chuckle: “Wow, you’re really taking this blog thing too seriously huh!” Opo, kinarir ko po!

Well, who knows where this will take me. Maybe I’ll be like one of those who earn a living through blogging. Maybe I’ll be able to send one of my kids to school through blog-money, like how one mom did. Or maybe I’ll earn from Adsense just enough for ice cream with the kids. Or maybe I’m just having fun writing about whatever I find interesting.

One last question: WordPress or Blogger?

For me, it’s WordPress, hands-down! It takes a while to figure out some things (if you’re techie-slow like me!), but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a breeze. At least my posts or photos don’t get lost here! (I hope they don’t…)

11 thoughts on “Tinkering

  1. I, too, prefer WordPress! It is much more organized and user-friendly. Looking forward to more entries in this new home of yours!

  2. Hi Chateau. I love your new home and it keeps improving every time I visit. Great job!

    I’ve always wanted a favicon but I can’t seem to find a way to do that in blogger. Yours is great. Thanks for sharing all those tips.

    Take care and hope you’re enjoying the week so far.

  3. Hi Toni! Yes, it’s so much easier to organize in WP. How was Beijing? Thanks for visiting!

    Hi Rach! Lipat na sa WP! hehe. I inserted the favicon code into the header. Although I did that too in Blogger, but it created an error. Sorry couldn’t be of more help. I’m sure you’ll figure it out soon 🙂

  4. hi chats! natawa ako sa “kinakarir”. but need not worry, you’re never alone. ako rin kaya. agree with WordPress over other bloghost, very user-friendly indeed.

    i missed your weekend cook last week. mukhang busy ka nga sa GYM ah. hehe. looking forward to your next recipe.

  5. Hi Feng! Oh, I seem to have forgotten about the Weekend Cook… Hmm… I will have to do something healthy though, e puro matataba at sinful ang alam ko hahaha! Sige, I will think of something for this weekend.

  6. Oh yeah, WP > Blogger, hands down! But I still prefer LJ, just because a lot of my IRL friends are there and I have 4 years’ worth of posts 🙂

  7. This place makes me salivate. One day, I will really really read your prescriptions and see if I can also move and makeover. One thing with me though, is — my brain has a built-in firewall against techie instructions. Maybe what I need is a tutor — who will literally spoonfood me. Believe me, I am willing to shell out (a reasonable amount — hahaha) just to make my own ‘home’ look half as good as yours.

    Thank you — this is inspiring. I think I know who you have in mind when you mentioned a mom who is earning both psychic and PPP revenues blogging. 🙂

    So .. I-mom is Chateau’s alter-ego. Duh me.

  8. Christianne, LJ seems great too. Wow, 4 years’ worth of posts! My friends and family find it unbelievable that I am able to keep a blog- and i’ve only been doing it for 5 months!
    Hi annamanila! Yes, Chateau’s alter-ego lives here 😀 LOL @ “built-in firewall”… Believe me, some stuff here took me quite a while to figure out. But as I said, it’s good learning – good challenge for my brain cells which seem to have comfortably adapted to 2nd-grade and pre-school levels haha

  9. Congratulations.

    Now that you are on your own (with your own domain, paid web host and wordpress) and almost absolutely in control of everything, I would suggest that you first learn how to back-up you database, to have a regular back-up schedule and how to restore your database and of course the most basic, protecting your password.

    There are many external factors that may come your way like web host going dead, web host server gets hack, etc… These and many other factors may mean losing your work forever if you have no back-up at all. Sad to say that back is useless if you do not know how to restore it.

    I have seen a lot of bloggers go through this painful experience (losing their blog entries), so the last but not the least that I would say to you is Back-up your WP files, back-up WP files, back-up your WP files religiously.

    Good luck.

  10. Hi myepinoy! Thanks for visiting and the link, I’m reading it now – sounds like German to me, hehe. Will have to read it over and over to digest 😀 I backed up my Blogger blog using HTTrack but it took about 5 hours!
    Regarding the backing up: which one do you use? Skippy’s plug-in sounds the easiest.

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