Thermos Water Jugs for the school kids

The Hub and kids bring packed lunches to work/school. Of course, they need cold, refreshing water throughout the day. Kaso lang, the Coleman water jugs we use just can’t seem to do the job of keeping the water cold long enough. Also, they keep on leaking! One shopping day, Hub saw these Thermos Water Jugs.

Thermos water jugs

— Thermos water jugs (around Php600+ at S&R) that are made of thick, insulated plastic material. I like that the drinking spouts are completely covered –  hygienic! And they’re able to keep the water cold all day. Plus they’re huge enough for 1.2 liters – no need for the kids to refill at the school water fountain, at least until I get there to give them fresh supply.

But again… I find them too bulky though, and with the kids already carrying a separate lunch kit, it seems too much to be carrying around. The straps are a bit difficult to handle, especially by V. Big plus is that the Thermos Water Jugs don’t leak. *Thumbs up*

So, I guess the search for the ideal water bottle isn’t over yet.

What sort of water bottles/jugs do your kids use?


DISCLAIMER: I did not receive any compensation from the brands mentioned in this post. This is an independent review/opinion of the product. I am not endorsing any of these brands. Husband and I bought the water jugs at S & R.

4 thoughts on “Thermos Water Jugs for the school kids

  1. Aacckk pareho tayo 😀 Medyo praning na nga ako coz I can’t find “the one” for pogiBoy.
    I bought several since Sept 08. Cartoon characters, adult sporty-type etc etc.
    They all fail for:
    1 – leakage
    2 – not sturdy enough
    3 – too difficult to clean
    Just last night I was looking at this water bottle I bought in Pinas from our recent holiday, I was already thinking where can I possibly find the right one.

  2. Hi Auee! Kamusta?? Pareho tayo ng failure parameters, hehe. O di ba, kinarir ang water bottles! I hear the Japanese brand na Tiger is really good, kaso I haven’t tried it kasi mahal. Though sa dami na ng binili ko, siguro dapat I should have bought Tiger from the start. LOLZ. Doh!

  3. You can also consider if the water bottle’s material is BPA-free or generally safe. You can also check Nalgene water bottles, you can find these in outdoor shops like Travel Club. Yun nga lang, di rin sya nakakaretain ng lamig. =)

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